Presale closes tomorrow, Feb 10th at 20:00 GMT.  For those interested in being among the first masternode owners we're offering a one-time deal of adding 2 staking packages (2 x 250 BASE) on top of your masternode purchase. Capitalize on the last 3 masternodes left. High ROI & Stability. Refer to the ROI calculator for your rewards at We've overhauled the wallet GUI to be SparkBase-conform, intuitive & simple. 5'001 BASE means you're a few easy steps away from running your own masternode.SparkBase will be the most effective Portfolio Manager yet based on its own data lake. Learn more at How to Find the True Pearls At the Cryptocurrency Markets? EDIT: Early Investor Presale is closed. Thank you to all who participated. We currently have 23 active masternodes & will be shutting down 2 corporate MNs soon to keep the ROI high & stable. The SparkBase network is scaling up.