Our aim with the CCB Rewards Program is giving the ability to other projects/communities use our currency $CCBC as their rewards coin. This can be done various ways & with tons of possibilities in the way projects/communities decide to reward their clients/members. Some of those possibilities: Rewarding on clients purchase of a service/product.Rewarding for community loyalty, tasks, ect.Rewarding for work done by freelancer or team. Why use $CCBC as your rewards coin? Are you a project with it’s own coin/token? Why oversaturate your own market by giving your project coins away? Using $CCBC will prevent your own coin being dumped on exchange.Are you a community without a cryptocurrency? Use $CCBC to reward your members/customers!Whether you are a crypto based community or not you can get your community into crypto by rewarding them. (Example: You run a video game community, you can reward on achievements, leaderboards, tournaments, ect.)$CCBC aims to be a currency accepted anywhere we can by building partnerships, developing our own marketplace, and adding/building services that will accept $CCBC. How do you become a CCB Rewards Partner? You will need some $CCBC by obtaining Masternodes from OTC negotiation or buying at market.Running the masternode can either be handled by you or hosted through us.Collecting rewards & planning on how you want to distribute.Rewards can be distribute various ways. PandaBot (Discord TipBot), Web API through checkout system, or manually. We will help in getting you situated & planning. Currently $CCBC is accepted at — Beam.works -https://beam.works/shop/ (Currently geared towards projects looking for advertising space or paying for listing on Beams investment platform)Spectre Security Marketplace -https://shop.spectresecurity.io/(Development services, gift cards, digital game downloads & more)CCB Wheel Game -https://wheel.ccbrewards.com/ (Have a little fun betting $CCBC in spin the wheel) Interested in learning more & becoming a partner with Crypto Cash Back? Please contact us on Discord -https://discord.gg/24YBHHa Primary Contact’s are mattnyy#4413 (Community Manager) & DodgyEnd#1641 (CCB Rep Manager) Also you can send us an email at marketing@ccbrewards.com Please visit our dedicated CCB Rewards Website at https://ccbrewards.com/