ODIN Blockchain is governed by the ODIN Society, a non-profit bona fide co-operative society. It is a worker co-operative, which entrenches the principles of the International Cooperative Alliance, and is currently being registered by Co-operatives UK with the UK Financial Conduct Authority. ODIN’s governance is achieved through an interlinked off and on-chain model. ODIN had no Initial Coin Offering (ICO), and is funded through: Voluntary donations of time, and from the profits of revenue-generating ODIN Society technologies. All profits are directly re-invested. ODIN Society is a non-profit organisation. The ODIN Society Members collectively help to govern the overall project direction. Membership to the ODIN Society is open to all existing ODIN Trustees who are admitted on a 51% consensus of the current workers. Decisions concerning support of the future project direction are made by the ODIN Trustees alongside the ODIN Node Collective. "Our aim is simply to create useful, innovative and inclusive technology. Our vision is to be the number one trusted global gateway to user friendly and data private applications." - ODIN Society MembersODIN.CHAT - https://odin.chat is our flagship privacy messenger and mobile wallet app. Read the ODIN WhitepaperA large ODIN coin burn was completed in November 2018, to ensure the fair distribution of coins with over 1000 community members who collectively share over 85% of the total coin supply.The first flagship ODIN mobile app product, ODIN.CHAT is now released (see https://www.coinspeaker.com/odin-chat-launches-the-worlds-first-private-blockchain-messenger/) ODIN Blockchain websiteOfficial ODIN wallets on GitHubView the ODIN BlockexplorerExchanges where you can find ODINAltilly - altilly.comCryptobridge - crypto-bridge.orgBlocknet - blocknet.coSwiftex - swiftex.coNova - novaexchange.comODIN Blockchain Social ChannelsOfficial ODIN Medium Blog - medium.com/@odinblockchainOfficial ODIN Twitter - twitter.com/odinblockchainOfficial ODIN Facebook Page - facebook.com/OdinBlockchainOfficial ODIN LinkedIn Page - linkedin.com/odinblockchainOfficial ODIN Reddit - reddit.com/r/OdinBlockchainODIN CommunitiesODIN Community Telegram - https://t.me/odinblockchainODIN Community Discord - https://discord.gg/Za4dttC