The most obvious benefit of a DEX is the same as with any decentralized application, which revolves around the philosophy of cutting out the middlemen and returning interactions to peer-to-peer, permissionless models without central authorities. More specifically, decentralization creates censorship-resistance, which in the case of decentralized exchanges means that no central authority could forcefully impose regulations, or even ban currencies and/or the exchange itself. This is especially important considering that many countries are clamping down on cryptocurrency trading. For example, the two most populous countries on earth, China, and India, have banned cryptocurrency exchanges, while countries including Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Brazil have restricted cryptocurrencies.TWINS is the best Cryptocurrency project today, the development team has a very interesting proposal and the main product will be a totally decentralized exchange.the project is also interesting and well-crafted, very organized, with a short script and good professionals. The project itself has great potential for valorization, not only for the technical qualities, but for the ideal of the project as a whole. The TWINS crypto platform will be a truly decentralized, cross-network, peer-to-peer Exhange that will facilitate the direct portfolio-to-portfolio transaction of digital assets among network users. The TWINS encrypted currency will be used to power a platform for buying and selling order listings and to reward decentralized and backed up hosting by the network node community. The trade in crypto-coins and digital assets can not be continuous, autonomous and secure when third parties are involved in such transactions. Our mission is to facilitate direct transactions among users without any intermediate obstruction, resulting in a safe, transparent and efficient market, "said Alex Rožanski, co-founder of New Capital. "This peer-to-peer market is essential not only for encrypted currency exchanges but also for trading all kinds of digital assets in the future, such as symbolic art, Internet domain names or even phone numbers. Once the platform is in place, this architecture has unlimited possibilities, and can facilitate peer-to-peer lending or even make direct bets between the parties. To ensure that is fully autonomous, independent, and free from external influences, the development and maintenance of that platform must be fully funded through a self-sustaining, community-based business model. This important requirement is fulfilled by the reward structure of the TWINS masternode, allocating 10% of the rewards of the block to the development fund. The platform is the first project to be supported by New Capital, an incubator that supports and advances transforming infrastructure projects, and the NEM foundation, developer of high-performance blockchain technology. TeamContaining a team of eight experienced people, in the areas of telecommunications, cyber security, blockchain and business development. All dedicated to initiate and direct solutions that allow the mass adoption of our digital transformation and appreciation of the Internet, being:That said, when the decentralized infrastructure is ready in a full-fledged manner, it will breathe a new life into the cryptosphere. People will be able to participate without worrying about the safety of their funds. What more do we crypto enthusiasts need! I have shed some light on why decentralized crypto exchanges will be the future.Without Decentralized Exchanges, the peoples’ ability to invest in crypto is subject to governments, so cryptocurrency becomes hardly more democratic than traditional asset markets. Governments can exert control over centralized exchanges, and users are subject to authorities who may at any moment track and tax users, or ban currencies.This project is being supported/backed by NEW.Capital, a registered company whose mission is is to ensure that new great ideas are not lost have the best chance to succeed. New Capital is a registered company with operational offices at different locations of the world. This is the first time I am seeing a masternode project actually being supported by a real company. many of the New Capital team members are part of the Win Win project and that's a big booster because they are on public platform with their linkedin profiles, they have nothing to hide. No ICO/Premine This project has been started without any kind of premine or an ICO being held. we hardly see any project which have a multi member experienced team and it is started without any ICO/Premine. They do have 10% of the block reward contributed as Dev fund and that's rational considering that they need funds to go on in future. Exchange Partnership Many of the so called masternode projects are listed on some shady or not known exchanges and many of the users do not participate due to unreliable exchanges. But here due to the support of New Capital , they have been able to strike a partnership with the bitsane exchnage. (read here This is a great achievement for a starting project.Users are in control of their own funds and broadcast orders to the network from their end. The security and encryption aspects of this process are handled on the user-end, as there is no centralized server. With the framework and definitions presented in this guide, you’ll be able to make the distinctions between a true DEX and a centralized exchange for more informed decision-making.Official project links: Website: Whitepaper: Github: Discord: Bitcointalk: Twitter: