Fivebalance Fivebalance is the world’s first digital asset for human resource development. Cryptocurrency is designed to give rewards for every individual who are struggling to fix their problems or trying to improve the quality of their 5Balances (Fit, Financial, Family, Flair, and Faith). FBN rewards can be used to unlock premium indicators or e-book exchange, seminar tickets or the other merchandises in the Human Resource Marketplace. And We will work will work in a decentralized method, each community member can conduct training classes or join study groups in their cities and will expand to all countries in the world. In this early new year, Fivebalance will do Mainet and swap with ratio 50 : 1 from ERC20 Token Based to POS/MasterNode Coin on february 2019. Now, we are on Testnet time to make sure everything run smoothly before our mainet. After mainet, Fivebalance will list on Masternodes Online (MNO) and several exchanges to support FBN distribution coin. In this time, FBN has been list on exchanges that given below : Hotbit Ps. For more information about Fivebalance, you can visit our Github Account Join with our social media, so you can get the latest updates about our project here : Fivebalance Official Website : Fivebalance Official Channel : Fivebalance Global Group : Fivebalance Indonesian Group : Official Twitter Account : Official Steemit Account : — Fivebalance