JCE Cryptonote CPU+GPU Miner Welcome to the Fastest Cryptonote CPU Miner ever! Now with GPU!Try the GPU Version (includes the CPU miner), the fastest CN-Heavy/XHV/Tube miner! Download - JCE_Fast v.0.33b18Recent history0.33q CPU and 0.33b18 GPUQuote* TurtleCoin defaults to v2* Fix possible Masari v8 bad shares* Waltz/Graft fork as --variation 220.33b17 GPUQuote* Masari v8 support* watchdog can restart the miner instead of quit, parameter --restart0.33p CPUQuote* Native Stellite v8 and Masari v8 support0.33b16 GPUQuote* Stellite v8* Rig-id* Light optim for mixed cpu/gpu mining0.33n CPUQuoteNew fork: Stellite v8Rig-id parameter (optional)0.33b15 GPUQuoteBackport of 0.33m CPUNew fork: Turtle v2, as --variation 20New coin: DeroGoldRemote Managment through the HTTP serverIGP autoconfig fix0.33m CPUQuoteNew fork: Turtle v2, as --variation 20New coin: DeroGoldRemote Managment through the HTTP server0.33k CPUQuoteSeparate assembly for Bulldozer x64 on v8 algo0.33b14 GPUQuoteuPlexa fork, as --variation 19Backported CPU optim from 0.33j--legacy now keeps the CPU idle when mining only with GPU0.33j CPU (upgrade to this one or later for CPU mining highly recommended)QuoteuPlexa fork, as --variation 19Better/restored speed on v8Updated a few shitcoins forks.0.33i CPUQuoteBig optimization for v8, for all CPUs +2%Sumokoin wallets default to Ryo0.33b13 GPUQuoteFix regression in b12 on old algos (masari, turtle, arto...)New mode: --legacy to fix some speed regression in some card/algo combinations0.33b11 GPUQuoteNew coin FredCoinBetter pool-side efficiency0.33h CPUQuoteNew coin FredCoinLittle optim for Zen CPU on v80.33b10 GPU+CPUQuoteFixed possible bad sharesLittle optim for RX on v8Little optim for Zen CPU on v8Warning when a non-AMD gpu is enabled to mine0.33b9 GPU (upgrade to this one or later highly recommended)QuoteFixed Nicehash netcodeVery little optim for RX on Heavy/forksWarmup now all automatic0.33b8 GPUQuoteMore stable hashrateSpeed increase in most cases0.33b7 GPUQuoteCryptonight-FreeHaven backported from CPU versionCryptonight-Dark tooFees lowered back to 0.9% for all algosLittle optimsCPU SpeedIn short, JCE is:Crazy fast on non-AES 64-bits, usually 35-40% faster than other minersCompared to other 32-bits miners, still faster on non-AES 32-bits, sometimes beating even the other miners 64-bits versionsAnd still comparatively faster on non-AES 32-bits Cryptonight-Heavy, with usually +50% speed.Slightly faster than the other best on AES 64-bits, beating them by ~1% on CN-classic, +2.8% on v7 fork, +2% on v8, +4% on Cryptonight-HeavyA lot faster than any other miner when mining BitTube v2, on any processor, with ~30% extra speed.Also a lot faster on AES 32-bits, but it's a rare case (mostly seen on Intel Atom tablets) Third Party integrationIf you're a Mining Tool dev (like Forager or Awsome Miner...) and want to integrate JCE, here's a good command to spawn JCE. Most parameters are similar to other common miners.Code:jce_cn_cpu_miner64 --auto --any --forever --variation FORK --low -o POOLORT -u WALLET -p PASSWORD --mport MONITOR SSLAnd replace:FORK by the Fork number, see list below, or set 0 for automaticPOOLORT by the pool address (name or IP)port), e.g. pool.minexmr.com:4444WALLET by the miner walletPASSWORD by the miner passwordMONITOR by the local HTTP monitor server portSSL by either nothing, or "--ssl" if SSL is to be used Getting startedIf you're new at mining Cryptonight, here's the simplest way:Choose the coin to mine, see the list below. The most common is Monero.Get a wallet, that's a ~95 character long identifier. If you don't have one yet, you can create it hereChoose a pool to mine on, and its port. For example Pool pool.minexmr.com and port 4444Edit the start.bat that's shipped in the .zip* Change the example POOL by yours* Change the example PORT by yours* Change the example WALLET by yours* You can leave the default password x(Optional) If your coin is exotic, maybe you also need to change FORK=0 to another number. See the list in the start.batRun start.bat Basic topicsQ. Is it free (as in beer, as in freedom)?No and no. It has fees, and is not open source. But the program itself is free to distribute.Q. How much cost the fees?Current fees are:3.0% when using at least one mining thread with non-AES architecture, or 32-bits1.5% when using only 64-bits AES architecture0.9% when using GPUQ. Can I avoid fees?Not really. I plan to offer a paying per-licence-no-fee (pay-once-for-all) version, but it's a lot more complicated to set up than a fee-based miner.Also, JCE never takes any fee during the first minute, so if you run it, and kill it after one minute, and repeat again and again, then you'll never pay any fee, but JCE takes a few seconds to start, and your Pool probably won't let your reconnect continuously.Q. Will it work on my computer?Minimum is Windows Vista 32-bits, or Linux, with a SSE2 capable CPU. 64-bits is faster, prefer it.For best performance, Large Pages must be enabled, JCE will try to auto-configure them, but it may work or not depending on your Windows version and security configuration.Q. What currency can I mine? On which pools?You can mine any coin on any pool.If your coin is listed, all is automatic.Run the miner with --coins parameter to get the up-to-date list. Current list is:Aeon (AEON)Alloy (XAO)ArQmA (ARQ)ArtoCash (RTO)B2BCoin (B2B)Bitcoin2network (B2N)BBSCoin (BBS)Bitcoal (COAL)BitcoiNote (BTCN)Bitsum (BSM)BlackRose (BLR)Bloc (BLOC)BitTube (TUBE)BlueberriesCoin (BBC)Bytecoin (BCN)Caliber (CAL)Catalyst (XAT)Citadel (CTL)Citicash (CCH)Constella (XCC)Crepcoin (CREP)CryoNote (XCN)Dero (DERO)DeroGold (DEGO)Dinastycoin (DCY)DragonGlass (DRGL)Electronic Dollar (EDL)Electroneum (ETN)Elya (ELYA)Fonero (FNO)FreeHaven (XFH)FreelaBit (FBF)FuryCoin (FURY)Gadcoin (GAD)Graft (GRFT)Haven (XHV)HospitalCoin (HOSP)Iridium (IRD)Italo (ITA)KashKoin (KHK)Karbowanec (KRB)Lethean (LTHN)Leviarcoin (XLC)Lines (LNS)Loki (LOK)Lumeneo (LMO)MarketCash (MKT)Masari (MSR)MinergateMiningPoolHubMiningRigRentalsMonero (XMR/XMV)MoneroOceanMox (MOX)NicehashNiobio (NBR)Ombre (OMB)ParsiCoin (PARS)Plenteum (PLE)Pluracoin (PLURA)PrivatePay (XPP)PyrexCoin (PYX)Qwertycoin (QWC)Remix (RMX)Saronite (XRN)Solace (SOL)Stellite (XTL)Sumokoin (SUMO)SuperiorCoin (SUP)SuprnovaSwap (SWAP)TaxfreeCoin (TXC)Tritanium (TTNZ)Triton (TRIT)Truckcoin (TRKC)Turtlecoin (TRTL)UltraNote (XUN)UPlexa (UPX)Veronite (XVV)VideoGamesCoin (VGC)Wownero (WOW)Xaria (XARI)X-Cash (XCA)zBucks (ZBK)Zelerius (ZLS)Q. Is Nicehash supported?Yes, see list above. The Nicehash-specific Nonce is then automatically enabled.Q. Is SSL supported?Yes, with parameter --sslQ. I get only bad shares, what happens?Your coin has probably forked. Add --variation N parameter, with N as listed below, until you find the one that works.Q. What if my wallet is not recognized, or as a different coin?Some coins use a wallet syntax so close that they're hard to differenciate, like Lines and Loki. If JCE fails to detect the coin, force it with --any --variation N (with N as listed below) and let the miner run. It will still display the wrong coin but mine the good one. And of course proof-check pool side that you correctly get the shares.Q. Is there a HTTP server to monitor the miner?Modern pools provide all you need to monitor your miners (average hashrate, worker-id...). Monitoring is now a pool's job. Still, a minimal HTTP Json server is available with parameter --mport P (P the port number) to ease integration of JCE into mining tools, but not intended for human reading. Forager was the first tool to integrate JCE, take a look!For more compatibility, with extra parameter --stakjson, the JSON will be in XMR-Stak format.Advanced topicsQ. Are there requirements or dependencies?No. JCE is just a big standalone executable.Q. Is there a Linux version?Yes, starting from version 0.29Q. Is there a GPU version?Yes, starting from version 0.30Q. Is there a 32-bits version?Yes, both 32 and 64 are always in the same release, for both Linux and Windows.Q. How many threads can I setup?Maximum is 256 threads on 256 CPUs.Cryptonight ForksAll current forks are supported:N=0 AutomaticN=1 Original CryptonightN=2 Original CryptolightN=3 Cryptonight V7 fork of April-2018N=4 Cryptolight V7 fork of April-2018N=5 Cryptonight-HeavyN=6 Cryptolight-IPBC (obsolete)N=7 Cryptonight-XTLN=8 Cryptonight-AlloyN=9 Cryptonight-MKT/B2NN=10 Cryptonight-ArtoCash/Fest/HospN=11 Cryptonight-Fast (Masari)N=12 Cryptonight-HavenN=13 Cryptonight-Bittube v2N=14 Cryptolight-RedN=15 Cryptonight V8N=16 Pool-selected autoswitch algoN=17 Cryptolight-DarkN=18 Cryptonight-FreeHaven/Swap/UltrafastN=19 Cryptolight-uPlexaN=20 Cryptolight-Turtle v2N=21 Cryptonight-Stellite v8N=22 Cryptonight-Waltz/Graft