CRYPTOLENDING REINVENTED INTRODUCTIONVolix Network unites cryptocurrency lenders (anyone who wants to invest their money) with the borrowers (anyone who needs to borrow money for  personal or business reasons) in a one-stop shop at the Volix Marketplace. This will be the FIRST decentralised peer-to-peer marketplace & platform for  lending services to run on its own blockchain which is secured by PoS. The masternode system is where a full node keeps the full data of the VOX  blockchain in real time. Staking is the concept of rewarding VOX holders who support the network by keeping their wallets connected to the network,  similar to that of putting money in the bank and earning interest. Our marketplace allows investors to lend out their VOX coins to borrowers and get  rewarded with an interest rate.WHY PEER-TO-PEER?In a recent report by Transparency Market Research (TMR), the global peer-to-peer lending market is anticipated to witness a significant growth  with owing to the increasing number if borrowers who seek funds for various personal purposes. Advancement in technology is allowing users to have an  easy access to various interfaces offering quick updating, thus boosting the demand for peer-to-peer lending market. between individuals or organisations in a decentralised blockchain make it possible to be free from the need of banks. With the Global  Financial Crisis, the common bank loan has become increasingly expensive with little to no control over any inflation that may occur.Take matters into your own hands and create your own rules with your peers. Watch as your investment earns interest that YOU set at either a  fixed or variable rate or based on a pre-determined formula. Live VOX and prosper!EXCHANGE LISTINGSCryptoBridge ANN