Miner T-Rex for the new NVIDIA GPU - Maxwell and newer.At the moment, is the top miner. Supported algorithms:x16rx16sx17x22igeekdedalbcdhmq1725sha256ttimetravellyra2zbitcoresonoarenesisballoonpolytimosskunkc11phitribus DownloadDownload T-Rex 0.9.1New algorithms / constantly updated. Using:T-Rex supports command line arguments similar to ccminer arguments: lyra2z:Code:t-rex -a lyra2z -o stratum + tcp: // pool.bsod.pw: 2159 -u -p x tribus:Code:t-rex -a tribus -o stratum + tcp: // pool.bsod.pw: 2260 -u -p x To get the full list of supported options:Code:t-rex -h DevFee is 1%. When the miner shuts down or turns on the DevFee is displayed in the console. Release News: 0.9.1Add algos: x16rt (Veil), sha256q (Pyrite)Minor performance improvements for x16r, bcd, x22i and other x16-like algorithmsMultiple web monitoring page improvements Switch between multiple config files dynamically (put your *.config files into the miner directory)Dark theme Linux watchdog is now available.  Bug fixes:cURL/SSL compatibility issue on newer Linux distros (Ubuntu 18, Debian 9)Miner wouldn’t start if NVML wasn’t installed 0.8.9Performance improvements: +2-3% for x16 family of algorithms (x16r, bcd, x17, x22i etc.)Add config parameter: --no-nvml - Disable NVML GPU stats.Display miner version next to “Uptime” info. 0.8.8Fix “result for … does not validate on CPU!” errors on x21s and dedal 0.8.6Add algos: astralhash, jeonghash, padihash, pawelhash (used by GlobalToken, can be mined at https gltminer com/)Performance improvements: a few percent to x16r family of algorithms, skunk, x22iHighlight GPU temperatures in green/yellow/red. Temperature ranges are configured with --temperature-color parameter Bug fixes:Invalid shares on Dedal for some hashordersNot identifying a found block when mining x22i 0.8.5Performance improvements: x22i +5% 0.8.4Performance improvements: x22i +1-4% 0.8.3New algo: x21s (Ritocoin).New config parameter: --sharerate-avr - Sliding window length in seconds used to compute sharerate (default: 600). 0.8.2New algorithm: dedalImproved x22i: + 1-3%Fixed skunk performance issue introduced in 0.8.1 0.8.1Performance improvements: x22i + 10-20% Error correction:Miner freezes on startup when it does not receive a response to the message authorization. 0.8.0New algo: geek (GeekCash coin)Performance improvements (1-3%) x16-like algorithms for GTX / RTX cards.Added watchdog timer. Replace “t-rex.exe” with “watchdog.exe” in your bat file to use it.Watchdog allows you to update T-Rex using a monitoring web page or perform automatic updates if it is started with the “–autoupdate” parameter, and also restarts the miner if it hangs for any reason.The default value for the “-N” parameter increased from 30 to 60 seconds.Added share per minute statistics. Error correction:“Stratum + tcp: //” pool U RL prefix is no longer requiredReduce processor load when using large “-N” valuesThe “Clear Tasks” feature removed in the previous release is backHung Ctrl + C in Windows