I am one of the advisors for Nos, and would love to respond to your concerns. First off, the coin was launched ~26 days ago. We are listed on CryptoBridge, and have an active community in our Discord channel, as well as a good Twitter presence. We have a team made up of some very strong and smart people, and you can meet all of us in the discord. Now let me respond to the below concerns:The team won't respond to questions regarding 75% of NOS belonging to just 25 addresses, despite being asked multiple times.If you read the coin specs you will see that there is was a premine, so that accounts for the very top addresses and a large portion of this percentage. This is a proof-of-stake coins, with very very good staking rewards (some days paying out in better ratio than running a masternode does) so people who are holding large amounts of coins are holding them in one address to get maximum amounts of stakes. And lastly, from the 11th richest address down, these balances are all less than the cost of two masternodes (35k NOS) meaning these addresses are most likely nodes running and collecting rewards.Not sure who you have directly asked, we try to be very active and responsive in the discord channel.No team shown on web page.The team has chosen to stay anonymous for personal privacy reasons. It's as simple as that. You can join the discord and see who the developers and advisors and support team are however, with several names you will hopefully recognize from the masternode space, all varying degrees of being "doxxed".No whitepaper.There is no whitepaper at this time. The team is working on more content for the website in order to explain some things a bit more clearly, and this may manifest itself as a white/litepaper at some point.Very limited information regarding roadmaps and what the project is currently working on.There is a basic roadmap on the site that we are adhering to. If you check our twitter, and discord, you will see have posted some info about the current status of the exchange, legalities, coin listings, etc.The exchange is actively being developed, and we are working to make sure the exchange is a fully legal entity. The masternode services will be built on top of the exchange, allowing users to launch nodes directly from their exchange wallets.Hope this answers some questions, would love to respond to more. Feel free to tag me in discord, telegram, or twitter as I will respond the fastest there, and will try to keep up on this thread as well.-CryptoCartel