An inside look at the features powering our decentralized exchange.With the Resistance Desktop Application in full working order, and our IEO not far away, we thought now was the time for a FULL DEMO of the ground-breaking decentralized exchange platform we’ve developed. Our Lead Technical Consultant Luke Wegryn has created this short video showing just how easy Resistance makes it to exchange cryptocurrencies quickly, safely, and in private. In the video, Luke will talk you through the key features that make our platform so special. These include: ResDEX, the Resistance decentralized exchangeNavigating accounts and wallets with easeAdding privacy to a trade with RES, our privacy coinSending and receiving cryptocurrency quickly and easilyAdvanced atomic swapsEnhanced privacy featuresCPU-friendly mining with the click of a buttonTransparent and Private transactionsFiat gateway — buy Bitcoin and Ethereum with your credit card As you can see, ResDEX is like no other decentralized exchange that came before it. For the first time, users with little to no trading experience can take advantage of the advanced security features DEX technology provides. Easy to use, fast, and liquid, ResDEX is paving the way — stay tuned folks!This Post originally appeared here on: