Long story short: CRowdCLassic is a successor of the Crowdcoin blockchain. They made a swap and moved to another algorithm so the old blockchain was abandoned. A decision was made to continue the support of it because the network proved itself to be reliable and trustworthy one. Our Mission To increase the adoption and day-to-day usage of cryptocurrencies for first-time and heavy users through gamification and for them to learn more about crypto realm and invest in some worthy startups in the process. Our Project It will be a website with implemented gamification abilities and will serve as media for exchanging knowledge between users using open source code with social, marketplace and educational functions; wallet, crowdfunding, trade and voting properties and with an utility token as medium for transferring value between the peers. Our Roadmap:2019 Q2: • Writing Whitepaper to explain the project deeper • Writing Yellowpaper with technical information to explain it in details • Putting online Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to visualize the idea • Starting a marketing campaign to promote the project • Implementing measures for mitigating common attacks: • Changing mining algorithm to mitigate 51% and similar attacks• Changing difficulty algorithm against mining difficulty fluctuations. 2019 Q3 • Moving to POW/POS/MN code base for full technology experience • Alpha version of the project:    • Implementing Community Management System (CMS)   • Implementing well-known wallet, exchange, crowdfunding and voting blockchain software    • Adding Know Your Customer (KYC) and other user management services    • Consulting by an attorney office with experience in IPO/ICO/STO field. 2019 Q4: • Beta version of the project • Mobile apps. 2020 Q1 • Code base audit by a third-party entity. 2020 Q2 • Official launch And if you want to participate, there’s a huge giveaway at the moment: https://betweenblocks.org/topic/936/giveaway-get-your-free-crowdclassic-crcl-masternode