STIPEND CRYPTOCURRENCY Stipend advances the vision and promise of a decentralized platform for freelancersStipend goes by the ticker SPD, a POS/Masternode coin with 19,340,594 SPD coin total supply.Stipend aims to be an ultimate solution for decentralized jobs marketplace. We want to create a platform which both the freelancers and the clients will love, with low fees, instant payments and never seen before rewarding scheme that rewards the top users. - Stipend Motto - STIPEND platform is simple as that: Enable anyone to post an offer or accept an offer without restrictionsPay and get paid is their currenc, SPDSecure and transparent. There will be a record of user performance, history, and many other data. Algo (POW/POS): C11 / Sha-256dblocktime: 1.5 minblock reward (POW/POS): 15 SPD / 35 SPDtotal supply: 19,340,594 SPDDifficulty retargeting: every blockP2P port: 46978RPC port: 46979 Masternode Collateral: 5,000 SPD1st block premine: 2.45% (475,000 SPD)Net premine: 2.07% (400,000 SPD) Stipend's Ecosystem Ways to find work, tasks, bounties, surveys or even offer them are split between multiple platforms and have astronomically high fees. We believe that a decentralized, blockchain-based platform will be better and a more future-proof replacement for such platforms. Because Stipend’s platform relies on the blockchain – all transactions, ratings and history will be permanently engraved into the blockchain which will further increase the openness and transparency in this market. and CryptoCurrencies What’s a blockchain? What’s crypto? A blockchain is a big ledger. A ledger is basically a data table that keeps track of individual accounts, what’s been issued, and who owns what. The blockchain starts pretty simply and over time it adds transactions and new people. The whole block chain is made up of individual blocks. Each block keeps information that was stored in it during that time period. Sally sent Jim 15 tokens. Jim sent Jane 10 Tokens. The platform generated 1 new token would be some of the transactions stored in an individual block. Every X minutes a blockchain will store what happened on the chain in that time period in a new block and add that block to the chain. Each block chain determines how much time is stored in each block. It would be like saving just the changes to an excel table rather than the whole table every 5 minutes, and storing all those series of changes in lots of little linked files.STIPEND is here for make it simple, for freelancers and for clients. For the ones that want to offer their services and the ones that need help.Stipend is really simple but at the same time a game-changer idea.You, as a freelancer, can go on this decentralized network and offer to all the people, around the world, your services.Customers, if need your help, they can accept all the freelancer's offerts, without restrictions, and you will be paid in SPD.It is not awesome? Is simple as that, demand meet offer. If you are curious and you want to learn more about this fantastic project, here are all their channels: Website: https://stipend.meDiscord: