Marketplace for games and digital articles based on blockchain. What is XGamingUP?XGamingUP (XGA) It is a currency based on POS/MN technology. Our main objective is to offer a global marketplace so that all gamers can generate income, in the same way investors through the rewards for POS and MasterNodes.What does XGA offer? They are a free online marketplace decentralized for players of massive multiplayer online (MMO) games to buy, sell, and trade digital accounts, video games, in-game item, skin, gold, gift code, consoles, pc, and more. You can generate money with your games, and sell safely with their protection and guarantee. All under the safety of blockchain. XGA Team They remain anonymous as of the time of this post. XGA specifications Coin Name : XGamingUPTicker : XGAAlgorithm : QuarkMax.Supply: 20.000.000 XGAPremine : 200.000 (%1)Reward : MN 92% Stake %8Block Time : 60 secondsMaturity :156 confirmationsMin.Stake Amount:10 XGAMin.Stake Age : 3 hours XGA Reward Table XGA has reward scheme that increase over the time, but the collateral increases too. This way creates the need to hold the rewards for the next collateral update, preventing the sales and dumping of the coin.XGamingUP Links Website : https://www.xgamingup.comDiscord: : Explorer : http://expl.xgamingup.liveBitcointalk : : : Online : (shared MN+ Pos):