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    ChanceBet platform is developed to promote a trusted environment for punters and game developers alike.With 2 new games added every month, the platform comes with the following features and functionalities:
    24X7 Chat Support -Whether you are new to ChanceBet or stuck technically in the platform, ChanceBet provides you 24/7 chat support to resolve your issues or help you on-board as a new user. 
    Privacy protection & transparency- We don’t need any personal information from you, all you need is just a CHANC wallet. Everything is transparent in our platform, from the time you make your deposit to the time when your game results are out, you will have it recorded in a way that is immutable and visible to every person.
    Anonymity - We are only interested in your satisfaction while placing your bets online rather than focusing on knowing your name, your favorites and so on. All that interests us is that you place your bet, get the outcome and be rewarded.
    AD - Free Betting - Enjoy 100% Advertisement free gaming in ChanceBet as a member. Membership can be paid or discounted or absolutely FREE depending on your CHANC coin holdings. 
    Low House charge -  ChanceBet house charges are one of the lowest in the market with only 1% house charge. This 1% revenue collected will be used for further development and inflation control of CHANC coin price.

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