Prelude to the [ANN] - What do you want in a coin?

  • A team is forming to create a new cryptocurrency and we need your help!

    - What do you really want in a cryptocurrency that you haven't seen yet?

    - On a scale of 1-10, how important is a passive income [masternodes or staking]?

    - What % ROI do you expect from a coin IF you are going to hodl it?

    - On a scale of 1-10, how interested would you be in a coin that let you convert fiat to crypto in a mobile app? [using credit/gift card]

  • administrators


    As a marketing guy, I'd ask you who is your target market and what perceived problem does your coin aim to solve.  I'd strongly encourage you to build a coin that has a purpose and even better a purpose for masternodes.

    Here's my Profile:

    I like masternodes that have a platform or purpose.

    I don't get too caught up on or focus on high ROI

    I don't sell masternodes or stakes.  

    I buy and install ones that I feel good about and I hold them.