[ANN][POS/MN]⚡GoldMint Launched GOLD Mining⚡

  • Blockchain based platform which operates gold-backed cryptoassets GOLD


    What is GoldMint?

    GoldMint is an innovative Fintech project with the main objective of issuing and administering the turnover of crypto asset GOLD tokenized pawn shop loans secured by gold.

    How does it works?

    1. When a person receives a loan at any of the partner pawn shops around the world secured on his gold product, it enters the Custody Bot repository mounted in this pawn shop or separately in other places. At the same time, the product passes through an automatic diagnostic system built into the Custody Bot. Information about the weight and gold standard of this product is recorded to the MINT blockchain network.

    2. Based on the information received, an appropriate amount of the crypto asset GOLD is automatically emitted in the MINT blockchain.

    3. The crypto asset GOLD is sold at the current exchange price of gold. The transaction of the crypto asset GOLD is also recorded in the MINT blockchain.

    4. All changes in the MINT blockchain are recorded during the mining process by master nodes that can only be launched by the owners of MNT (P) tokens. Master nodes receive commissions from each transaction in the MINT blockchain.

    5. Proceeds from sales of the crypto asset GOLD are invested in gold assets by the GoldMint company. More information about the structure of the investment is written below.

    6. The GoldMint company undertakes to buy all crypto-assets GOLD (either instantly or within a certain period that is required to replenish liquidity) in the investor’s personal account. This will take place on the company’s website at the current price of gold and without any additional fees.

    Miners profit

    Miners receive a commission from all transactions in two tokens. MNT(P) - utility token which price depends mostly by the market. The price of 1 crypto asset GOLD is equal to the price of 1 troy ounce of 24K gold on the LME London Stock Exchange.

    GOLD transaction fee depends on MNT balance of the sender:

    Has at least 10 000 MNT → 0.001%, max 0.002 GOLD
    Has at least 1 000 MNT but less than 10 000 MNT → 0.001%
    Has at least 10 MNT but less than 1 000 MNT → 0.01%
    Has less than 10 MNT → 0.1%
    Note: Minimal fee is 0.00002 GOLD

    MNT transaction fee is fixed: 0.02 MNT 

    75% of all rewards go to the miners. 25% goes to GoldMint.

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