[POS-MN] Bochacoin has guaranteed minimum price[Private-sale]

  • A coin, which is safe, fast,and has guaranteed minimum price .

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    [b][size=12pt][color=#ff0000]"We start with a private sale,the core is under development.Don't esitate to contact us by discord"[/color][/size][/b]



    [b]What is Bochacoin?[/b]

    Bochacoin is "B" locks "O" n "CHA" in, it is a coin that looks like a stablecoin but only from the bottom,meaning it will always have a guaranteed minimum on the market, how is this possible? Simple. In practice, any investor who decides to purchase a collateral to launch a masternode, paying the initial fee, places 60% in a cold wallet in staking, with 5% annual ROI (with Navcoin), 20% in another wallet that will be used to invest the sum contained in other projects or currencies (For the positive outcome of each investment, one part will be paid into the main wallet to increase the value of the currency) and finally 20% for development and teams; the sum between the first and second wallet will give the minimum value to the currency.Example: total contained in the first wallet 20,000 $ / 356,789 total coins in circulation will give a value of 0.056 $ for each coin, it is natural that the masternodes will increase the production of coins,therefore more number of coins in circulation, and therefore the price is bound to fall, but here comes the second wallet that contains 20% to invest, also at the start of the project will be produced even 50% of the total of coins that the same can produce, and will be blocked in a wallet ready to be unlocked for future partnerships with banks, and all the platforms that want to join the project, other money to be added to the primary wallet, so the currency will always have a guaranteed minimum,but the maximum price will be given only by the market and the use and appreciation of the currency.Each masternode must be activated strictly by the team, after the purchase by the investor it will be the responsibility of the team to send the collateral and help step by step to the setting of the same, a single masternode per user, so the collateral can only be purchased from the CEO or the team, this avoids speculation on the price and guarantee of payment on the wallets, and operation of the project.

    [b]How can i use Bochacoin?[/b]

    At the beginning the investor will have the chance to accumulate the coins and wait for the team to work to create the structures useful for the project. In practice, each member will be an active part of the community, will be able to interact, advise, vote and propose improvements to the project.We will develop our exchange to trade coins safely, but above all with our rules, where the minimum price will be dictated only by the coverage given by the content of the primary cold wallet. If in the future our currency will receive an acceptable success, we could also list it on famous exchanges, but only if they accept the coin rule, we also want to develop our crypto and fiat currency exchange platform, and also our debit card, from all this every investor will receive his slice of income, which will be established along the way and when the various applications will be developed and will be functional.


    [size=11pt][color=#2D8A1E][b][url=https://bochacoin.com/pdf/wp-EN.pdf]ENGLISH[/url] | [url=https://bochacoin.com/pdf/wp-it.pdf]ITALIAN[/url] |

    No dates or deadlines, everything will be developed according to the needs of the project and the team will take care to work, and make the most for the success, we will put our heart and soul,promised.
    From 2019 to …………………………………
    Birth of the idea
    Personal recruitment for the project
    Creation of the community on social media
    Market the project
    Search for large partners
    Develop our exchanges
    Develop our crypto / fiat exchange platform
    Develop all desktop and mobile wallets
    Develop our debit card
    Various improvements

    [center][b][size=16pt][color=#345678]COIN SPECS[/color][/size][/b]

    Coin ticker : BOCHA
    Name : Bochacoin
    Algotithm : quark
    Difficult : retargeting every block
    Total supply : 10,000,000,000
    Masternode collateral : 10000 mandatory activated only by team
    Block speed : every 30 seconds
    Block reward : 100
    Core start: creation of 20 Masternodes for the functioning of the network
    Premine : 0.5% = 50,000,000
    Locked coin : 50% = 5,000,000,000
    Halves : every 333,333 blocks 5%,stop after blocks number 3,333,333
    Coin base maturity : 30
    Minimum coin age : 3 hours
    Numbers of confirmation : 2
    Minimum transaction : 0.0001/kb
    Maximum size : 4 mb
    Masternode reward : 88%,12% pos

    [center][b][size=16pt][color=#345678]WALLETS AND APPS[/color][/size][/b]

    Under development


    Under development

    [center][b][size=16pt][color=#345678]MASTERNODE STATS[/color][/size][/b]

    Under development

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