We want to announce to the public Baxurcoin - new crypto currency asset.

    Currently we are making some final tests and our network will be up and running this week. 

    At this moment we are starting our Discord channel as well as publishing our website, where you can find more information and start communication with us. 

    We are aiming to provide wallets and block explorer this weekend and start pre-sale next Wednesday. For more info - visit our website and sign into our Discord server.

    Baxurcoin Website:https://baxurcoin.com

    Discord channel: https://discord.gg/RdPS6fn

    Name - Baxurcoin

    Ticker - XUR

    Algo   - Scrypt

    Maturity time - 8 hrs

    Block time   - 120 seconds

    Max Supply - 20 000 000

    Premine - 400 000

    Coin type - POS/Masternodes

    Block reward - 9 XUR

    Confirmations - 25 Confirmations

    Difficulty retargeting - Every block

    Masternode Collateral   - 3000 XUR

    Rewards - 75/25%

    Reward reduction at certain blocks - 52000 / 102000


    Block Explorer - http://explorer.baxurcoin.com/
    Windows wallet - ]https[Suspicious link removed]
    Linux wallet - https://github.com/baxurdev/baxur/releases/download/v1.0.0.0/Baxur-qt
    GitHub Source - https://github.com/baxurdev/baxur

    Discord channel: https://discord.gg/RdPS6fn
    Discord invite challenge description and rules:

    Invite challenge is starting now and will be active until 6th of May 2018. During the period everyone can invite as many NEW members as he/she can. 
    The winners will be the first 10 of you with the most invites. The price for the winners (1-10 place) will be as follow:

    1 - 1200 XUR
    2 - 550 XUR
    3 - 400 XUR
    4 - 250 XUR
    5 - 200 XUR
    6 - 150 XUR
    7 - 80 XUR
    8 - 70 XUR
    9 - 60 XUR
    10 - 40 XUR

    - Do not cheat. Do not make fake accounts. Do not lie others and yourself. The bot is here to monitor those activities.
    - All cheaters and accounts with fake invites will be disqualified.
    - Baxur team will not take place in the competition, no matter how many invites team members made.
    - For the bot commands use the specified channel(invite-bounty) and don't spam everywhere.
    - Fail following the rules with result in your disqualification from the bounty. Repeat offenders will be banned without warnings.

    Follow the rules, respect eachother and let the best ones win! 


  • As it seems the community is getting proactive, which makes us very happy.

    We see that some of you has done a few translations already. However the translation bounty program is not part of our initial bounty plans.
    We had a discussion with the rest of the team and we decided that due to the proactive approach of the community to reward those individuals with 5 XUR's for each language that they have done the translation for.

    Also we decided to reward with 5 XUR's the first person who submits his translation for every other more commonly used languages (Russian, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Chinese). 
    Please do not make other translation as we'll not give rewards for them. 

    Korean translation TX: d0053109a1327e7fbcb7ec867d6e25a6b0ca9777d872829f3c2638e6960f9948

    Polish and Ukrainian TX: 459f83ac63bb791591fb79e718207d3a9838858e5de12927bb6305029dfb7dda

    Thanks guys.