How do you like BetweenBlocks's style?

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    @machinecoin Thanks for the suggestion. We thought about it and set up the global chat as an option. Maybe we should call it "trollbox" instead, or as you said, create a real trollbox. Anyway, we do have your suggestion in mind, thx!

  • @kelnel I think the chat is great, call it a trollbox or whatever, and I am not sure if creating a real troll box means this or not but, you should have the chat ALWAYS open on every page, so it is easy to respond and jump into. It is kind of a hassle having it load and open up. Just a bit more streamlined would be PERFECT.

    Now for the theme, I think the newspaper look is too busy, and I think it kind of loses some of its forum feel. I like when forums are really open and promote easy engagement. Which I think the current setups do really well. Actually, on second thought, the vanilla style looks nice. Do you have screenshots of what it looks like showing the threads??

  • @lewlowned Yeah, that's what I meant. I call it a trollbox out of habit. I did just realize I can keep the global chat open in it's own window, resize it, and stick it in the corner... but it's still kinda bulky. Maybe get rid of all the unnecessary space around the text box (like shrink the top toolbar, get rid of the space to the left and right of the text, and put the input field closer to the bottom... and possibly shrink text)? But I agree, I liked it when the trollbox (chat, whatever) had it's own designated space, and I could just jump in and type if I felt so inclined. If I don't leave the global chat open, I only open and type in it if I have a notification... 

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    Yes, I know what you guys mean. I personally like the idea and we are considering it. Couple of things are slowing us: the platform does not allow for it, so we would need to build a pluggin for it from scratch and we need to have moderation capabilities. So it is something we are indeed thinking about, but it's not close yet 😞

  • @kelnel - The global chat gets the job done 🙂

  • Yeah I think the global chat is great, it just needs a bit more traffic! It does a great job though

  • Hello,

    I would suggest to remove the ANN of this forum.

    I mean, if I come here it's to talk with a noders community, not to see the same things I can find on BitcoinTalk.

    Each time I come to the website, I go to the unread section (very convenient and nice feature) but it's "polluted" with a lot of ANN, without any community reaction.

    Just my opinion 😉

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    @m4x_crypto I personnally like the ANN section a lot, as Im tired of BitcoinTalk's layout and automated bots posting "good idea dev, will follow, ty". Also, given that it is masternode masternode focused, it gives us a first filter for us MN afficionados. However Im open to suggestions, so if more people echo your sentiment, will consider it. Thx for the suggestion! 

  • I actually really enjoy the ANN threads here. I think it allows for a more focused and directed communication with the team in a public forum. BCT ANN threads get clogged up really fast. My vote is definitely on keeping them.

  • For me the current skin is just perfect!