Universa Masternodes - Anyone else watching?

  • Universa (www.universa.io) seems like an incredible project and has a lot of big deals with governments/companies/partnership with EY and others underway.  

    They launch UTNP ERC20 tokens here for a few months now to allow trading, just launched their mainnet a few days ago, and should launch their own UTN tokens that are used on their own smart contract platform in next 30-45 days (also allowing for UTNP and UTN exchanges).

    At this point soon they will have masternodes, but they are requiring hardware physical likely, 16+ cores, 32gb, 256+SSD, and potentially a very fast 1GB symmetrical Internet connection as the platform wants to guarantee speed and nodes will do processing at up to 20K TPS.

    Anyone else watching or planning to run one of these nodes?  You have to apply it seems.

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    Thanks - this is the first I've seen it..  @IraFudmore - Sounds like the types of projects you are always on top of...

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    Interesting. I was not watching it no. I am now 😄 It seems there is no info yet on collateral but the assumption is that it will be a relatively big collateral (?)

    Couple observations: Volume is quite low. Supply is gigantic. 

  • Absolutely one to look for. But as i read you will need 1.000.000 coins for a MN. So thats 23k at the moment. Additionally you have to apply to run a Node. How exactly you have to apply? I dont know.
    If you are interested you should join the Universa Node Telegram channel.


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    @dubee said:

    But as i read you will need 1.000.000 coins for a MN

     thx for posting. I coulnt find that info. Where did you get it from if you dont mind?

  • @kelnel i joined their Node Telegram a couple of weeks ago and there it was mentioned many times. So that is the only source i can give you. I dont know if there was an official statement.

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    @dubee thx!

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  • @cidupy thank's for the link!

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