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  • Pushi Coin is a fork BTC>DASH>PUSHI and inherits attributes from this.

    PushiTeam is active and listens to the community.
    Pushi was one of the first coins to introduce Masternodes at a low cost based on the philosophy of making MN accessible to a greater audience.
    Pushi works to their roadmap and is active in doing so.
    Pushi has a great community and the Discord Channel is friendly and active.
    A new Master Node Setup Guide that is comprehensive even for the new people to MNs is to be released soon in next few days.
    Pushi are currently having a community vote for increase in stake from its current 1000 coin. To reduce Multiple MN costs 5>1, and capping number of MN's and then scaling up with coin value.
    Pushi Community have also been invited to join the conversation regarding "Use Case". Priority now is to finalize stability of MAC Wallets, stabilize blockchain and build strong foundation for mining, MN's, and investors.

    Declaration: I am not an employee or major investor in Pushi. I am a PUSHI MN holder and through growth  became a moderator on the Pushi Discord as a part of the community voice.

    My Opinion:
    There is a lot of work to be done the devs know it and so does the community. There is no going to the moon anytime soon, but if you want to invest in a low cost coin that has an active dev team and a solid community that recognize that Crypto has changed dramatically in the last 3 months then that's Pushi. Pushi Team recognize this and are willing and able to adapt to that change. No get rich quick schemes but building a solid foundation for the future (whatever or wherever that goes). So if you are the type of MN'er that wants to buy in to something worth buying into, HODL and look at the longer term then add Pushi to your possible list. Most importantly you have a voice in a community of like minded people. If you want a flash car and a million dollar house in the next 4 months Pushi is not for you. If you want to join in a longer term strategy and be a part of it then Pushi is worth a look.

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    Thx for sharing your thoughts on this coin. I had not looked into it before today. With so many coins out there, it's hard to take a look at all of them. 

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