What's your Favorite Masternode(s) with Collateral Under $100.00?​

  • @phobos777 CoinonatX (XCXT) has over four year ROI currently. Requires plenty of patience or optimism...

  • @tekcruzer Did they up the collateral like Proton did? Referring to Proton, that seems like a outstretched middle finger to buyers who used to have a working masternode. Impacts early buyers who act as tinder to set a new coin ablaze with the reward of a broken masternode for buying into an overpriced presale. I'm guessing those with broken MNs don't have the option to get their BTC back so their only recourse is to take what they can get or dump good money after bad to put their MN into working state with no guarantee the new required collateral will stay 'good enough'. Oh, the stated reason is 'fairness'... Is Pushi coin different? All I know about Pushi is that I never activated a masternode as my Graviex withdrawl was 'almost done' for weeks.

  • CHEESE added to the list of non-JAM MN worth under $100

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    There are soo many MNs that droped under $100 now... This thread could use a revival 🙂

  • Personally I'm only focused on long-term projects and not merely aimed at the masternode sector or a the masternodes ROI, so my two favorites are 3DCOin (Project Districts 3D) and Crown (systemnodes with collateral of 500 coins - CRW-SN), the first is not yet in exchange but it will be soon also because it is anything but a new project since it already has over 9 months from the block of genesis and over 3100 active masternodes today (coin sold in ICO, not IMO, in OTC or mined even in CPU solo mining for months, now mining with nvidia gpu in pool), however I have already spoken in another post about 3DCoin, while Crown is very famous and is on big exchanges (Bittrex...). From my point of view they are both incredible projects because they really need to have their network of nodes for different purposes from the ROI ... lol ... 

    Disclaimer: it seems obvious that I have invested in both because I speak so enthusiastically, also in the case of 3DCOin I'm a voluntary community manager (I do not get paid and I'm not part of the team!). ☺

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    @michele1it I like Crown very much too. I dont know why I've never invested in it. Might change that soon eventually.

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    like Crown very much too. I dont know why I've never invested in it. Might change that soon eventually.

    Because it is not easy to follow (and setup) too projects, it is a full-time job... 😅 certainly this can be a moment of entry into many projects that have been temporarily left aside, given current low prices, although they can still go down I think at this time there are really good thresholds for entry into many projects that are not new but very good projects (and for me the fact that they are not new is a very good quality!). In fact, even I still have too little in Crown ... some other systemnodes I have to do it! 😄😎

  • under $200 check out xgalaxy (XGCS) they have been around for a while their mn/rewards/collateral is pretty interesting. They also have a use case a binary trading platform that uses xgcs to make market trades on top 10 cryptocurrencies. You can also rent VPS from them using xgcs. they didnt have a premine or an ICO, but they have a 5% dev fee from each block and its mineable 

  • Crown is another one I am just waiting for the right time to pick one up. Thinking sometime in the next month. Terracoin is a classic and at about $80 currently, RUPX $70, ABS $40 and all are good sturdy projects with long term prospects. Looking like a good time to start building up a warchest...

  • check ImageCoin send privacy images in blockchain!