How to organize a community

  • Designing protocols that incentivize rational actors to behave in economically desirable ways isn’t that hard…

       The real question would be: Are we rational?

    Can the right match for individual’s own personal economic goals and desires be found? 

    We believe a community can act as such only if we align economic interests. Your strength is exponential if you act as group on a coordinated and cooperative way.
    The biggest support as a project will come from your users and for that to happen each group on the system needs to align.

    A united profit oriented group that empowers individual actions.

    I would like to read your thoughts on this statements.


  • administrators

    I think we can aggree that with crypto being open source at heart, and thus all the coins having the ability to copy each other's tech, the value of a coin rarely comes from it tech, but from the community behind it. It is the community that determines the value of a coin, not the tech imho (except in some rare cases of innovative tech). If that weren't the case, all BTC forks would have same value as BTC. That isn't the case because BTC has an army of people that decided that BTC was money with a certain value and they treat it as such.