DEXTRO is a scam (MOD EDIT: Dextro has been taken over by community. Thread closed. DM kelnel to reopen)

  • should delist. Obvious scam. this guys name is Larry Wilmore and he works in Hollywood. Google it.

  • @jabis1 here is the pic they stole from.

  • administrators

    It's important to research all projects that you might invest in and share such information, thank you.  It is essential to an informed crypto community.  

    DO NOT view listing as investment advice, ever!  We have a fully transparent ordering system and our ONLY requirement are working masternodes - nothing else.  We do not have the resources or interest in researching each project then pick and choose who to list.  We provide monitoring and stats for all masternode coins that order with us.  There is obviously LOTS of room in the Masternode space to provide such information.

    So why should MNO delist this coin?  Dextro paid for MNO listing - so MNO provides monitoring and stats for the Dextro's community - nothing else.  Unsure why you think it's appropriate for MNO to delist coins and leave the investors unable to monitor their coins?  MNO delists coins that have broken masternodes that remain unrepaired for over a week or when coin is removed for all exchanges with API as it becomes impossible to provide data.

  • @jabis1 Funny guy, though.

  • That is the funniest thing I've seen in so long.

  • dear reader.

    After 6 months there was a take over. Already is there a working product. They are finishing their whitepaper and will launch a new platform dextr 2.0 so can a mod delete this topic. If this not possible we invite you @ our discord ( see or the website

  • administrators

    So it seems Dextro has been taken over and is sailing along just fine. I will thus close this thread for now. Please PM me if you think it should be reopened.

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