[ANN] ⚡️ COGNITIO ⚡️ Masternode | AI-Based Signals | Machine-Learning on the Blockchain

  • Cognitio wallets will be released on 04/05/2018 at 13:00 (1 PM) Eastern Time, Join us!
    Discord: https://discord.gg/36erz4p

    Cognitio is a secure decentralized network utilizing masternodes as its neural network points. Using a low-inflation, low-supply chain helps ensure value. In addition, Cognitio will deploy a high-frequency quantitative signal A.I. trading bot powered by COG that will give its users a definitive advantage over legacy solutions by virtue of its autonomy and accuracy.

    Blockchain technology is shaking up the the banking industry by offering faster transactions with better security. Cognitio aims to build upon this by using smart contracts as the foundation for implementing machine learning within a more accessible A.I. ecosystem than exists currently. The future of A.I. is inevitable and is already a dominant force within our daily lives. Using machine learning we are able to completely and fully privatize communications and transactions via no human intermediaries.  

    In recent years, attempts at integrating A.I. research with blockchain technology have resulted in limited, niche-driven applications with highly specific use cases. Implementing a diverse array of protocols on top of a robust blockchain, Cognitio will make supercomputing power accessible and affordable to anyone around the globe. 

    Visit http://cognit.io to learn more

    The Cognitio team is offering a portion of the initial subsidy and a select number of masternodes, operational immediantly, to interested investors. Initial Masternodes will gross 80% of each PoS reward, making them highly lucrative.

    Visit https://cognit.io/purchasemast... to learn more.

    Lauch Chain Specifications

    Max Coin Supply: 7.5 Million COG
    Difficulty Retargeting: Every block
    Block Spacing: 90 seconds
    Algorithm: SKUNK/SHA256D
    Masternode Collateral: 10,000 COG
    Stake Minimum Age: 24 hours

    PoW Rewards Schedule
    Block 1 : 277,334 (Premine) [3.6% of total, the entirety of the premine will be used for development, exchange listings and masternode sale]
    Block 2-1500 : 1 - 6 COG
    After 1500: 5 COG
    Last PoW Block - 210000

    PoS & Masternode Rewards
    500-210000 : MNs 80%/Staker 20%
    210000+ : MNs 70%/Staker 30%
    310000+ : MNs 50%/Staker 50%

    Join Us

    Our Website: https://cognit.io
    Discord: https://discord.gg/36erz4p
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/cognitio_c...
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/group...
    Medium: https://medium.com/cognitio-co...
    Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Cogni...

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