Pushi MasterNode Sharing Service

  • Pushi Coin now has a MasterNode Sharing Service on its Discord Channel and is working on a more luxurious front end. So far it has 5 MN's up and running with capacity for at least another 6. This is great if you can't or don't want to invest 10k coins. The good thing about it is, its community driven.

  • I have a share of MN4 and got paid this morning.

    The MasterNode Sharing Service is operated by trusted members of the community and I'm happy that solutions have been found after the rise of the collateral, so nobody was left behind.

    Keep up the good work !

  • @tekcruzer I have a share in mn2 very reliable service with a great devoted team

  • The first kind masternode sharing born from the support of the community to tackle the issue of small investors getting left behind due to increase of collateral. Born, supported, and ran by the community (professionally and transparent as well).
    In Pushi community, no one will be left behind.

  • I am in the project since beginning. I have 1 full and 3 shared MN. Will say the project is progressing at a good pace. The devs are fabulous. 

  • Great service by trusted member of pushi community

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