Goal: 100 MNs and 1 BTC montly

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    @kirky591 MN not live yet. Indeed, it is not clear yet whether we will be able to host MNs, but this should be cleared up soon. Maybe @camelia can keep us in the loop? 🙂

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    @kirky591 masternodes aren't live yet. There will be four tiers. (20k, 60k, 120k and 350k). And yes they are available for everyone that has the collateral.  

    Also, the registration procedure hasn't started yet. There will be announcements on that as well. 

    The management is thinking of maybe introducing an KYC procedure but that hasn't been decided yet. There will be more information on this in the upcoming weeks/months 

    If you really want to stay up to date just join the telegram channel @tefood. 

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    @kelnel host as in hosting service? 

    At the beginning of the network they won't allow many masternodes. Someone that has the collateral will be able to operate a sleeping masternode. It means it will be building up reputation, and once the network growth justifies it, join as an active masternode. I hope this clarifies it a bit for you?

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    @camelia It does, thank you! 

    Do you know about the reasoning for introducing sleeping MNs and not allowing all MNs? 

    I'm wondering because it seems to follow Wabi's example who announced something similar recently and I was surprised by their lack of justification. They argued that they didnt need more than 30 MNs (or 50, I dont remember) on the network (at least at first). But, in my opinion, the fact that they don't "need" more than X amount of MN shouldn't mean that they should limit the number anyways. 

    Im just curious and would love to have insight in the reasoning for limiting the amount of MNs if you can.

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    @kelnel they did justified why. The ROI wouldn't be attractive at all if they let too many masternodes join since there won't be much transactions to validate. 

    And yes, at the beginning they won't need too many masternodes since the network won't be that big. But as more companies will join and make use of the network, the more data transactions will need to be validated. So as the network will grow, more masternodes will be needed. How long it will take and at what rate, that's something I don't really have an insight in. If there is a need to it, I can ask Marton (CMO) to join this forum and perhaps write a detailed announcement and answer some questions. Although I doubt he has the time for it, he's travelling around the world. 

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    @camelia Thanks for the details 🙂

    We'll see, if there is interest in T-Food from people on the forum, Ill tag you again to start an ANN

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    @kelnel cool. I need to look more in here as well.  🙂 Just really used to Telegram 🙂

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    So, recently I've been shifting my strategy just a little bit. I would like a bit more exposure to high ROI nodes. Not too much but at least a little. In this optic, I have added GenesisX (XGS) and Trittium (TRTT) to my portfolio. 

    I decided to choose what I thought were longterm viable projects, with very active teams and lively communities. There are not a lot out there and these two projects stand out in my opinion.

    This is quite a shift for me and am curious to see how it will perform. 

  • With this kind of project, you need to follow the market more closely, because bagholders could decide to sell a lot of rewards, and then it will create fud and dump.

  • @kelnel I also invested in both of these a few days ago, working fine so far. Agreed, I thought both projects had potential in the future and the community and devs seem great so far

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    On a small different note, Ive been getting back into charting BTC a bit these past days. Big picture actually doesnt look too bad. I switched from bearish to neutral when we started going sideways between the light blue and light green ranges; and if we manage to complete the inverse Head and Shoulder pattern and break through light blue range, I'll switch back over to bullish! 🙂

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