• Hello everyone, I'm wanting to utilize the monitoring feature. I have nodes that have been running for over a week, however they do not come up in the results when I search. 

    Has anyone used this feature? Is there some port that has to be opened? 

    Also interested to hear any other ways people have monitored and tracked multiple nodes easily, as I want to be able to check stats from all my nodes in one place.


  • administrators

    MNO monitoring feature is pretty easy. Most of the nodes can be found by simply entering the IP address (no need for port). If that doesnt work, try the public key of the masternode. MNO only allows you to monitor coins that they have listed, so make sure your coin is listed by MNO first. It should work. If not, then it's a rare case and you can contact them to let them know.

    Overall it's a great tool. I think most people in the masternode space uses it. It works very well. Sometimes there is some nodes "going down" when it is acutally not, but it's very rare case. Overall I would def recommend using it.

  • @wealthfreq try - they have even better site for monitoring I think, especially BOT Telegram for status and payouts notifications

  • You can try invest with and mornitoring.

  • Stick with, they are the de facto masternode monitoring service.