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    The dystem vision empowers communities to manage change as a group. Using a custom built bounty and voting system with a suite of on-blockchain tools, dystem allows community members to decide on decisions and reward those who implement them. Built by a team of passionate developers and crypto enthusiasts, dystem is a solution designed to improve both the crypto currency community and the wider open source development community.


    - Voting  Currently in development we are building an in house on blockchain voting mechanism. The idea borrows from concepts such POS in order to allow staking community members to have a say on key decisions. Community leaders can then run campaigns to find out what the community sentiment is on key issues, rather than having to having to sift through FUD from people who have no true stake in the community. This ensures that both community members and community leaders can decide on directional change. In the up coming white paper we will detail exactly how the campaigns work and how staking can allow you to vote on polls and campaign questionnaires. Using existing blockchain technology also allows us to provide a ‘proof of membership’ to a community that proves that a user is both eligible to vote in a poll, whilst also keeping their complete anonymity.  We have worked very hard at keeping the architectural design inline with the decentralised nature of modern blockchain technologies. When running a poll / campaign a small fee will also be charged in DTEM on a campaign by campaign basis in order to cover the up keep of the voting node servers. This ensures that the network can grow whilst providing additional utility to the underlying crypto currency DTEM. 

    - Rewards We believe a community is only as strong as the support it gets, be that from the internal team, or the mighty fine developers who put in pull requests on public git repo’s. Having worked on, and contributed too, many open source projects we know how things can slow down when resources run thin. We aim to ‘grease the wheels’ for both the Open Source community in general and the multitude of Crypto currency communities. In the first instance we intend to build several plugins that allow both community members and community leaders to offer incentives. This way communities can reward developers and designers for their contributions.  Initially aimed at Open Source development generally, we are looking at building several bots, plugins and embeddable widgets to allow both promotion of these awards and also the transactional nature for rewards upon completion. 

    - Tools ( Unconfirmed ) Aside to the initial key features we are planning other additions to our toolchain, though not ‘green lit’ they are at the fore front in our internal development team meetings. We are considering rolling out a pure C# implementation of our chain to speed up the implementation of the voting mechanism. Additionally we are currently discussing building a custom C# based block explorer that will tie into our community voting system. Finally we are discussing building native iOS / Android mobile apps to act as portable rewards wallets. These will be custom built in Swift and Kotlin.


    Coin Name : dystem 

    Ticker : DTEM 

    Algorithm : Quark 

    RPC Port : 10700 

    P2P Port : 65443 

    Max supply : 21,000,000 

    POW premine : Ended block 200, 800,000 DTEM 

    Block-Time : 60 seconds 

    InstantX : SwiftX 

    Minted Maturity : 101 Blocks 

    POS : Starting block 201 

    POS / Masternode distribution : 82.5% Masternode 17.5% POS 

    MN collateral : 5,000 DTEM


    Reward HeightBlock CoinsTotal RewardsBlock Subsidy
    1-200800,000 (Premine)800,000N/A





    The initial beta releases are going to be aimed at our community for feedback and review. Then we are going to open them up to allow voting on anything outside of our own community. The future aims for this is when we are happy the system works and the UX is right we will be opening up the technology to work on other chains not just dystem. Though the fee structure will still be in DTEM for hosting campaigns, we hope it will allow rewards and community voting to expand across many open source projects and beyond! 



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