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    We strongly believe that a cryptocurrency should be a simple element of your daily life, easy to use and accessible to everyone. 
    We're often getting messages from people who really want to step in, about miners asking how to mine and what mining is, how to setup their .bat files and so on. 
    In order to open GoByte to allow more people to get involved, we decided to create 
    a user friendly software interacting with CCMiner KlausT, HSRMiner or nsgminer (depending of your hardware). 
    GoByte Miner is working as an easy-to-use UI which is still allow you to access to every single advanced setting you’re familiar with. 
    We hope GoByte miner will both satisfy the hardcore miners and the newcomers by giving you the best mining experience.


    GoByte (GBX) is a cryptocurrency based on Dash aimed at vendors to provide monetary services . GoByte features the masternode technology, which provides to the network near-instant and secure payments as well as anonymous transactions.

    The  near-instant payments known as InstantSend technology, average at 1.3 seconds per transaction.

    The anonymous transactions  known as PrivateSend technology, mix your funds trough the masternodes network, making near-imposible to trace back the origin of the funds.

    GoByte Network is a modular network based on the blockchain technology. 
    The GoByte's modules are developed independently yet, they all have the same blockchain as a core, and work all together to create a fast and secure network. 
    Thanks to the modular structure of the GoByte's Network, modules can be updated independently without causing errors or issues with other modules. 
    The GoByte's Network developers are working tirelessly on bringing new and innovative modules to be merged later with the other modules of the network. 
    Every module is developed by its own team lead by a Senior Developer, this way we offer to our developers a clean canvas to be filled by their own imagination.
    The first and biggest module of the GoByte Network is the "Pay" module, which acts as a payment gateway and cold wallet at the same time. 
    The "Pay" module is working directly on the blockchain, being able to create and execute transactions which will later be confirmed by the masternodes and miners.

    ◆ Algorithm NeoScrypt
    ◆ Block time 150 seconds
    ◆ Block Reward 15 GBX decreasing by ~8.333% every year
    ◆ Estimate Supply 31.8 Milllion
    ◆ Required 1000 GBX for Masternode
    ◆ Masternode 50% Block Reward
    ◆ Superior Difficulty Retargeting Using Dark Gravity Wave
    ◆ Superior Transaction Anonymity Using PrivateSend
    ◆ Difficulty retargets using Dark Gravity Wave
    ◆ 2.7% Premine* 

    * GoByte, has a premine of only 2.7% that will be used only and only for airdrops, bounties, exchanges, and future projects like the Web Wallet, Android/IOS Wallets and much more. 

    Masternodes help keep integrity of network and enable support for Darksend and instant send. 
    You need 1000 GBX to setup a masternode and start to earn rewards.

    Super Fast || Secure || ASIC Resistant || Anonymous || Dark Gravity Wave || Masternodes 

    Super Fast || Your time is valuable. InstantSend payments confirm in less than a second.

    Secure || Security you can count on. Transactions are confirmed by miners and masternode servers hosted around the world.

    ASIC Resistant || Superior, efficient and fair mining for any brand of GPUs.

    Anonymous || Protect your financial information. PrivateSend ensures your activity history and balances are private.

    Dark Gravity Wave || Difficulty retarget using Dark Gravity Wave v3.

    Masternodes || Masternodes help keep integrity of the network and enable support for PrivateSend and InstantSend.

    How to setup a masternode

    Video Guide

    Written Guide

    GoByte on MNRANK.COM

    GoByte Pay || Secure || Merchant Solutions || Anonymous || APIs || Payment Gateway || Web Wallet

    GoBytePay is a payment gateway that also can be used as a web wallet for the GBX coin holders. Users that want to use GoBytePay wil have to deposit their own GBX inside GoBytePay Wallet. This wallet is a hosted wallet, so user doesn’t need to run their own instance of GoByte Core. This is a convenient way to use GBX without actually running a GoByte Core instance.

    Instead of offering user a fixed wallet address for accepting payment for GBX, GoBytePay Instant Checkout generates automatically new address for each transaction, including support for instant check-out for users with GoBytePay account. Build to work easy with users and developers, it provides extensive API, plugins and modules to support multiple e-commerce platform out of the box. This also save time for merchant to check if the payment made through GBX has been paid or not, especially when transaction count is very high.

    GoBytePay doesn’t charge fees for each transaction (not including transaction fee charged by blockchain), but instead charging fees for transfer to non-GoBytePay address, which is a standard GBX address. Fees are waived for Masternode address. This provides flexibility for merchant that want to accept GBX in their e-commerce solution. For example, merchant that sell web hosting using WHMCS platform can accept GBX by using GoBytePay WHMCS Module integrated directly with their GoBytePay merchant account. The module will automatically generate a bill with a 15 minutes timeout that have a new generated receiving address in GBX that can accept multiple payment until the amount received in the address matched or more than the amount of the bill. When this happens, it will mark the bill as paid and will runs the callback to users’ e-commerce application. This happens transparently without user’s interaction.

    First On Chain test:

    See Video. Note: Final result may differ.
    See Video. Note: Final result may differ.

    Feel free to test at:
    GoByte Pay


    GoByte Blockchain Start
    ◆ Launch Website (Done)
    ◆ Window, Mac and Linux Wallet Release (Done)

    Get listed on Exchanges
    ◆ CoinsMarket — Completed
    ◆ Stock.Exchange — Completed
    ◆ CoinsExchange — Completed
    ◆ Cryptopia — Completed 
    ◆ CryptoBridge — Completed
    ◆ HitBTC — Completed
    ◆ TradeSatoshi — Planned
    ◆ BitTrex — Planned
    ◆ Binance — Planned
    ◆ BitFinex — Planned
    ◆ OKex — Planned
    ◆ BitHumb — Planned
    ◆ Upbit — Planned
    ◆ Kucoin — Planned

    ===[Q4 2017]===
    ◆ Genesis Block and initial launch — Completed
        ○ Announcement on BitcoinTalk.com since block 2 — 17 Nov 2017
    ◆ Website Release — Completed
    ◆ Windows, Mac OS, Linux Wallets Release — Completed
    ◆ Listing on first 4 small/medium sized exchanges — Completed
       ○ CoinsMarkets.com — 18 Nov 2017
       ○ Stocks.Exchange — 19 Nov 2017
       ○ Cryptopia.co.nz — 22 Nov 2017
       ○ CoinExchange.io — 04 Dec 2017

    ◆ Listing on useful Crypto websites — Completed
       ○ CoinMarketCap.com — 20 Nov 2017
        ○ Masternodes.Online — 21 Nov 2017
        ○ CryptoCompare.com — 22 Nov 2017
        ○ CoinGecko.com — 26 Nov 2017
        ○ CoinRanking.com — 04 Dec 2017
        ○ CoinHodler.io — 04 Dec 2017
        ○ Masternode.Pro — 05 Dec 2017
        ○ WhatToMine.com — 02 Jan 2018

    ===[Q1 2018]===
    ◆ Listing on decentralized exchanges [2/2] — Completed
       ○ BarterDEX — 05 Jan 2018
        ○ Crypto-Bridge.org — 29 Jan 2018

    ◆ Web Wallet — Completed.
    ◆ Android App — Under Dev.
       ○ Coinomi Multiwallet — 05 Jan 2018
    ◆ IOS App — Under Dev.
    ◆ WhitePaper & Translation — Completed
    ◆ Dev. of "Pay" module — Under Dev.
    ◆ "Pay" module mobile apps — Under Dev.
    ◆ Hosting Providers with GBX Payment — Under Dev.
    ◆ Listing on another 3 medium/big sized exchanges — Completed

    ===[Q3 2018]===
    ◆ Electronics Shop — Planned
    ◆ Starting the development of the "Market" module — Planned
    ◆ Atomic Swaps/Exchange — Planned
    ◆ Marketing and Awareness campaign — Under Revision
    ◆ Hiring PR team  — Under Revision
    ◆ Attract Merchants — Planned

    ===[Q4 2018]===
    ◆ Start dev. of POS Terminals — Planned
    ◆ Testing GBX payments on vending machines — Planned
    ◆ Starting development of the "Overwatch" module — Planned
    ◆ Starting development of the "Mint" module — Planned
    ◆ Start building the mining farm. Share profits among MasterNode owners — Planned
    ◆ Hardware wallets for GoByte tokens — Planned
    ◆ Attract Merchants — Planned

    ===[Q2 2019]===
    ◆ Smart Contracts — Planned
    ◆ Starting development of the "Social" platfomr — Planned
    ◆ Founding or Partnering with an academy for "GoByte Academy" — Planned
    ◆ Founding the "Blockchain Innovation of the Year" event with prizes — Planned
    ◆ Attract Merchants — Planned

    ◆ Visa / MasterCard Integration (possible with 3rd parties) —  Unknown
    ◆ AI that maps data and cryptographs it into a blockchain — Future
    ◆ Quantum Ressistance ?? — Future
    ◆ New Algo ?? — Future
    ◆ BlockDAG with Phantom protocol ?? — Future

    Download The Latest GoByte Windows Wallet (64-bit)
    Download The Latest GoByte Windows Wallet (32-bit)
    Download The Latest GoByte Mac OSX Wallet
    Download The Latest GoByte Ubuntu 16.04 Daemon

    Mobile Wallets:
    Android - Coming soon
    iOS - Coming soon
    Coinomi Android Multiwallet - 
    Download Here

    CryptoBridge DEX
    Komodo's BarterDEX











    Offers Masternode Hosting services to newbies and veterans of the crypto world. Start your own GoByte Maternode in under 10 minutes without any technical knowledge required. 34$ monthly paid in GBX, Masternode status notifications via email to always know that your masternode is not down, automatic updates and high-end VPS to ensure your MN is running 24/7.
    - Masternode Hosting and monitoring
    - Merchant API
    - Cold-wallet monitoring
    - Price alerts
    - referral system

    "Royal Yacht Charters" activates in the field of marine boat rentals. The company's location is in Miami, FL and it has an yacht for every pocket, no matter how deep it is. The automated payment solution of GoByte Pay will be supported by Royal Yacht Charters at the end of January, so from that moment all the payments will be verified, accepted and secured automatically. So if you want to celebrate an event or just relax, contact the owner with the details below and inform him that you will use GoByte as a payment option. Have Fun and a big Thank you to the Royal Yacht Charters team for giving us this chance. 

    Phone: (305) 310-1945
    Email: royalyachtcharters@gmail.com
    URL: www.royalyachtcharters.com


  • You guys are pretty much doing similar things that other Coins have done and are doing. What makes you different?