Help With Setting Up Windows VPS Masternodes

  • I am a super noob to Masternodes and servers. I need some guidance.

    Here is my scenario:

    I am using Vultr VPS for Windows 10. I am only trying to run 1 masternode. On a Windows VPS I have have the Satoshicoin qt wallet set up for Windows server. Requirement for Satoshicoin MN is 2500 coins. After I create the masternode/create the masternode.conf file I then click start to run the masternode. It says "masternode is running" after a while it gets kicked from the masternode network. So I have to click start again. It keeps doing this, I also noticed that the time that it is active remains 00m:00s I am having trouble figuring out what is not working or what I have missed in this setup. I did set static ip however. I just hope its the right IP. Also, As of writing the wallet coins still have not matured, not sure if that matters or not. Help please?!?

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    @satoshicoin can you help our friend here? 

    @assetminds it seems you didnt set the MN correctly. Did you have a guide and did you follow it to the letter? I would advise joining SatoshiCoin's discord for more help. You can find a link on their website:

  • @assetminds you might want to check if your current ports are open here >

    If the masternode starts and drops after an hour aprox then it's usually that the reason. Check on that please

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