[ANN] Xuma - Decentralized database | Masternode | Smart Contract | No ICO

  • Introducing Xuma

    Xuma is developing a decentralized database platform for the blockchain era. The characteristics of the Xuma system are censorship-resistant, DDOS-resistant, fault-tolerant and zero-downtime.

    The value proposition to the community is two-fold. First, consumers and dApps developers can store their data in our decentralized storage network. Second, we want to offer a platform so the community can monetize their pooled resources (hard-drive and bandwidth.) 


    There is no decentralized database for consumer and dApps developers. As such, developers deploy dApps but still use centralized databases and file systems to store application code and data.

    Xuma and our community 

    Xuma is designed to be a community effort. We welcome the community to participate and benefit from the growth of the solution. Our community will be part of the revolution to not only reimagine, but deliver decentralized storage solutions to enterprise dApps developers.

    We want to ensure that the Xuma protocol remains decentralized with participation of the community by development, mining, staking and running masternodes. By deploying the full breath of blockchain capabilities, we ensure the protocol and its participants a safe, reliable, and a secure platform.

    Specification - Fair start February 18, 2018

    Proof of Work Algorithm: Quark
    Premine: (#1 Block) 120,001 XUMA (0.21%) For 12 Masternodes to stabilize the network
    Proof of Work Blocks: 2 - 299,999
    Proof of Stake Blocks: Starting from 300,000
    Block Time: 60 Seconds
    Proof of Work Max Coin Supply: 41,249,650
    Proof of Work ending: Approximately 146 days
    Masternode collateral: 10,000 XUMA
    Maturity: 120 Confirmations

    PoW/PoS reward:

    Block 2 - 40,999              : 200 Xuma   -  Masternodes 20% / Miners 80% / 0% Dev fee
    Block 41,000 - 88,999      : 200 Xuma   -  Masternodes 70% / Miners 20% / 10% Dev fee
    Block 89,000 - 299,999    : 150 Xuma   -  Masternodes 70% / Miners 20% / 10% Dev fee

    PoS reward:
    Block 300,000 - 399,999  : 100 Xuma   -  Masternode 45% / Stake 45% / 10% Dev fee
    Block 400,000 - 459,999  :  50 Xuma    -  Masternode 45% / Stake 45% / 10% Dev fee
    Block 460,000 - 519,999  :  25 Xuma    -  Masternode 45% / Stake 45% / 10% Dev fee
    Block 520,000 - 579,999  :  15 Xuma    -  Masternode 45% / Stake 45% / 10% Dev fee
    Block 580,000 -               :    7 Xuma    -  Masternode 45% / Stake 45% / 10% Dev fee



    Masternode listing


    Mining Pools




    If you can’t find any connections, you can add nodes from our explorer:



    Apple, Windows, Linux, ARM


    Roadmap - 


    Join Our Community:

    Website: http://www.xuma.network/

    Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/DHYsG6j

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/XumaOfficial

    GitHub: https://github.com/xumacoin/xuma-core

    Reddit: u/XumaBlockchain

  • Excellent project with great features.

    The team has been constantly improving and delivering, a lot more to come. From where I stand they are really professionnal and implicated, the vision is strong. Top of the range.

    I am happy to be aware of this project and thanks to the team for bringing this opportunity for all the crypto community.

  • Hey guys, do you think this coin is a good investment? It seems to be high in the rankings for the MN rating sheet published in this forum.

  • Crypto Omniacs

    TA + FA Are very good 

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