[ANN][✅PRESALE] 🔰PARLAY🔰 | Decentralized prediction game platform - 2018 WorldCup l PrimeNodes

  •                               Decentralized prediction game platform, powered by public


    What is Parlay

    • Parlay is a project to pursue scalable blockchain solution that has PrimeNodes to minimize blockchain network delay and user-friendly masternode. Moreover, Parlay is an event-driven cryptocurrency which provides decentralized prediction game platform, operated by public community. 
    • Parlay Chain adopts Proof of Stake (POS) for consensus algorithm in order to increase and secure scalability of blockchain network. Parlay Chain embeds auto-scaling nodes which has unique node management system to stabilize the mainnet.

    Technical Detail

    • Prime Service
      • Uses docker service in order to package all the requirements and the packaged Parlay system helps users to run PrimeNode easily. 
      • Includes automated installation and configuration with only few steps.
      • Easy management system will helps to break down engineering barrier of conventional masternode.
    • Secured Scalability
      • Hidden PrimeNode that dynamically turned on/off in regards to= transaction monitoring system.
      • Whenever monitoring system detects overflowing and congestion of the network, the preliminary PrimeNodes temporarily support to validate transactions. 
      • This responsive auto-scaling system stabilizes the network and maximizes Parlay (PAR) holders’ rewards.

    Parlay.Live (June 2018)
    Parlay.Live is decentralized prediction game platform, operated by the public community.

    • Proposal on Community
      • To support the network growth and stability, Parlay.Live provides the proposal right to users who support Parlay network service (PrimeNodes). 
      • Any PrimeNodes holder can post Parlay event on Parlay.Live and obtain incentives from Parlay.Live platform
      • To censor the proper Parlay event, the committee examines and reviews Parlay pre-proposal. If the committee approves the event, Parlay Chain automatically enforces the event. 
      • Parlay Prize will be set by our budget system and will integrate with Parlay.Live.
    • Parlay event description including race, game, competition, and/or other future events.
      • Parlay Prize : Type of prize (BTC/PAR) & reward size
      • Parlay Fee : Event ticket price 
      • Parlay Period : Event participation period
    • GamePlay Detail
      • In Parlay.Live prediction game, Parlayers pick the winners of three or more gameplay to win the Parlay Prize. 
      • 2018 Russia FIFA World Cup. 
      • Contribute your passion and fortune to make life become more entertaining and profitable.
    • Future Vision
      • Event can be interpreted as more broad definition in Parlay community. 
      • Subsequently, the event will become a form of an election and/or governance decision on community opinion. 
      • The future of Parlay.Live system encourages community to post new events for multiple purposes.
      • Parlay events can evolve into numerous forms mainly driven by its community members and Parlay holders.
      • Parlay team urges to potentially expand and stimulate by the community and for the community. 


    • Symbol : PAR
    • Algorithm : Scrypt
    • Max supply : 30,000,000 PAR
    • Block Time : 90 secconds
    • Block Rewards : 20 PAR
      • POW: Blocks 1-1,000, POS: Blocks 1,000+
      • Inflation Adjustment : decrease 10% by every year until max supply
    • Reward Distribution : 
      • 60% : PrimeNode
      • 40% : StakingNode
    • PrimeNode Collateral : 2,500 PAR
    • Premine : 0.5% 
      • Blocks 1-1,000
      • will be used for bounties, exchanges listing, masternode listing, promotion campaign, and Parlay Prize

    Bounty Program

    • TOTAL REWARDS : 100,000 PAR
    • BitcoinTalk Signature
    • Youtube/Blogging
    • Twitter
    • Translation
    • Discord join and invite

    Presale - 1st Auction

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