The almost; One click Masternode set-up by Rapture

  • It has come to my attention over the months that there are many people interested in masternodes, but have little knowledge of Linux and servers and all the other terms that, if you are new, can be more than overwhelming.

    Its a good thing that the Rapture team has a focus on adoption by not only charities, but by the crypto community and Rapture users alike. One of the team members @tom_ua in Discord was able to slap together an almost one-click solution. 

    Just follow the guide and you will not have any issues. The best part is we almost have someone online 24/7 in case you need help or get stuck.

    Check out the guide: Here

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    Still not sure? See what we've been up to and have a look at the Official twitter account: Here

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  • Is it installing sentinel within the rapture folder? If not, it should. I have realized that sentinel conflicts if installed in the parent directory ūüôā