When you get a real Testimonial instead of "Shilling" and "Hype".

  • Disclosure: I am an admin on the Pushi Discord Channel. I am not part of the Pushi Dev Team. I am a regular guy with a day job investing in Crypto.
    Pushi Coin. www.pushiplay.pw
    Discord Server: https://discord.gg/Qd7YEK4

    So I believe in community driven projects one of the original reasons I began to align with Bitcoin and the idea of decentralization. I also enjoy these in different aspects of life in general. Grassroot power should never be under estimated or ignored. With this said, a while back I got involved with Pushi Coin and found the Discord community to be positive and friendly and began to take an active role. I have watched Pushi develop a solid and stable blockchain and a fully functioning wallet, which is also stable. The MN support is in my opinion enviable compared to many other coins I am involved in. Pushi is truly driven from a solid philosophy, and not empty hype, by a committed team of Devs and ordinary investors. Pushi is built on the pedigree fork of Bitcoin>Dash>Pushi.

    Just recently we had a new member start an MN through the Pushi shared MN service where people can invest coin in a MN from a minimum of 500 coin in steps of 500 if they cannot afford the 10k required or have the skills/want to setup an MN themselves. We currently have 11 Masternodes operational that are shared. The new member invested in an MN and was delighted by responsiveness and service provided by the community. So much so he had his daughter invest also.

    The point of all this is....it is nice to be able to share an honest and fair testimonial that comes from regular investors. Not YT Channel hosts "shilling" or primary coin investors with ulterior motives. A regular guy, just like you me and many others in Cryptospace.


    Lastly a shameless plug for our Community Video On MN Shared Services below (note video says 1000k minimum, this has now been changed to 500 as we wanted to make it possible for the smaller investor to be included and as a way to secure non exclusivity as the coin grows).

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  • Full details can be found here..

    PUSHI governance guide.

    Pushi Governance GuidePushi Governance Guide

    PUSHI going from Strength to Strength -

  • Excellent progress from the Dev. We can finally utilize the Pushi blockchain to fund useful and exciting projects. Interesting times ahead.

  • Yep....PUSHI will likely be a new DASH  - Both Kinetic

  • Hit me up if you need a coin design.

  • What is this "testimonial" actually saying besides that this coin "is great" and mineable.

    Look like a JAR to me. Nothing new to this coin. Advertises the basic things dash had for how many years now? At least they actually show they forked from dash on github and not dump a bunch of code out of nowhere where nobody can easy see where they forked from and what changes they made to the code, pretty common among MN coins sadly. Other then that I can't see anything that not screams JAR at me.

  • @red23 well it's saying that they are happy with the coin, so they upload a video to show others their feeling.

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    Its nice to see a video from an actual investor instead of some YouTube guy shilling the hell out of a coin. Very refreshing. 👍

  • @camelia Thank you for seeing it as what it really is rather than a misconception or worse still.

  • Hey guys,

    Pushi is using some of its goverance proposal funding for its community driven MasterNode Sharing Service. This is not a give-away promotion sales pitch. Make sure you read the rules, hence posting here in Masternode Section as it is for people wishing to have an MN but can't find the collateral of 10K needed. You have to commit a minimum of 500 coin into a Shared Masternode over at the Pushi Discord Site. Hence posting this here in MasterNode Talk (Mods please move this post if it is in the wrong place)

    By making that commitment you will be entered into a draw which will be drawn June 30th and 5 people win 500 Pushi and another 5 people win 250 Pushi which then gets invested in a MasterNode Share in your name and you get the rewards from it, paid weekly. You have to leave it in the Shared Masternode for 3 months before you can cash out.

    As a special Between Blocks Readers readers opportunity not only can you take part and get a chance to win in the draw but you will also enjoy the incentive we have running usually given only in Pushi Discord Channels

    Invest Amount/Reward (Which gets paid out to you directly)
    1-2k : 10 pushi
    2001-5k: 15 pushi
    5001-10K: 20 pushi

    If you quote this code (BBJUN18) unique to Between Blocks Readers You will get an additional 10 Pushi to be paid out directly.

    Full Details can be found HERE

  • FYI: Here's a small promo video done for the event.

  • The Pushi Explorer has been updated to show Masternodes Info
    In addition to Blockchain, Governance.

    Check it out HERE

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