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  • ☺ Hello everybody, it is long time since our last update, but there is a reason for this. Cognitio Team is working on securing a serious partnership. It is big enterprise, that requires all the effort we can put into it, but we are certain it will help Cognitio flourish and essentially speed up the marketing process, increase our exposure and give us the resources we need for focusing on COG development. Unfortunately we can't say more right now, but we will update you with any information we will be able to give out.

  • Nice .. waiting ☺

  • Hey guys, sorry for no updates for some time, we're, of course, still hard at work on governance, it's just a daunting task and we're doing our best to iron out everything and deliver a perfect product. Hopefully, we'll have updates ready for deployment soon enough, but, right now, we're trying out a few different development paths so that's what's been taking this long. happy

  • Well, on the site roadmap, we have rightly reserved the whole of 2018 Q4 for governance. We expect to be done with the basic functionality quite soon, within a month probably. We plan on expanding on the widespread idea of governance by integrating the tools into the wallet itself, instead of decoupling them and putting them on the web (web tools will probably still be available for people used to them). That will probably take up the remaining time in the quarter. 

  • still working hard on governance 


  • @cognitiocoin cognitiocoin Great looking project. Nous to start with sounds interesting. Looking forward to what the future holds for Cognitio.  Very nice wallet and the syncing was fast. 

  • New features nearing to completion, free time to push the project in a marketing sense and for further info join us on discord 

  • The development team has created Concierge in order to fill in the gap between updates on development progress and the community. It will be regularly updated with tasks currently undertaken. Some commands:

    !iamnobox - If you're on a mobile device, or your discord client is small, use this command to make the text unwrangled.
    !getannouncement - Get a particular announcement, use the command without any arguments attached to see information about the syntax

  • This post is deleted!

  • We're trying to find explorer software that is a) stable b) modern c) modular, so we can upgrade it

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