Snapshot of my Masternode investing strategy. Please share yours...

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    **UPDATE added 11/3/2018- Scroll down after reading for results.**

    Here's a snapshot of how I approach masternode investing.  I have been focused on masternodes full-time for 1 year, but I'm currently time poor as I operate a number of non-coin projects.  I hold some of these coins - this post is not sponsored in any way but I just want to both share my approach and learn from others.  I have learned from many wise investors especially @phobos777 @cryptocartel @stakeandnodes @kelnel @Astronode @IraFudmore @longestline @TomDumoni @damoos3 and many others....

    Investment Profile:  I am relatively risk adverse and like buying coins on sale/out of favor and I rarely sell stakes or masternodes. I prefer coins that have been around at least 6 months and volume is a very important factor.

    Primary focus:  1. Coins with exceptional teams.  2. Dev funds powered by block rewards 3. Governance, platform and/or privacy.

    Low Risk:


    Continuous execution by strong dev team & value as price is 1/6 of all-time high


      Governance & Very ACTIVE Dev team & Community. Discounted.


      Gaining real attention - feel like they are on verge of something. Discounted.


      Team - Pending Exchange - Community - Dev Fund. Discounted.


      Everything.  DAG. Support - Should be Top 100 coin. Fund.


      Established coin making good moves. Very Discounted.

    Higher Risk:


      NIX w/ airdrop looks is compelling. Like Privacy plays.  Big Outlay, Airdrops can dump.


      Volume & Brand is there - Kekdaq is late but could be a significant game changer


      Business partnerships are impressive. New.


      Great returns & momentum - Wish there was more transparency on investments. New

    I realize I'm missing a ton of great projects and there are others I'm actively buying that I'm not sharing.  Always DYOR.  I'm in a private masternode room where I am constantly humbled by the talent and analysis of the others, so don't put too much stock in 1 opinion.  Instead of just posting coins you like, please use a similar format and share the WHY.

  • @Cryptosandwich Love the idea for this thread! I am probably going to be copying your format just because I liked it so much! 

    Investment Profile: I am really new to this whole masternode game, I started my first masternode only like 3 months ago? So I do not pretend to be an expert by any means, but I have really enjoyed getting into masternodes, they truly are an entirely different beast than normal crypto. For my strategy, I wanted to start by building a base of really solid MNs, with a focus on individual use case, team, development, and community. As with most people I felt like those four things are some of the most important parts of any masternode project. For this base of strong masternodes, I wanted large networks with realistic ROIs as well as transparent token economics. Once I decided how much capital I was going to use, I split it as evenly as possible among my safe masternode choices. Now that I have built up a solid base of ROI, I started looking towards more high risk/high reward plays, as well as looking for more low cap coins (under $1 Milllion Market Cap) with ROIs around %200 that would be long term slow build up buys. Sorry for the long winded explanation, now for some picks!

    Primary Focus:

     1) Create portfolio of MN coins that fills my monetary safety needs

    • Strong Teams, Strong funding for team, Strong USP, Useful community

     2) Go after more risky investments

    • Finding low cap utility projects, High ROI with legitimate use case
    • This is mostly just deep research and a bit of luck

    Low Risk

    ALQO: Great Team - Active and Helpful Community - Transparent development - Exchange

    BULWARK: Privacy Focused - Team is amazing - Constant Development - Transparent - Strong Community

    Galactrum: Great development - Governance Focus - Great community

    There are loads of coins that fall into this category, these were just the coins I personally really enjoyed and felt like I wanted to be a part of their development. I also lead a super simple life, so these easily cover my cost of living.

    High Risk 

    MYCE: Creating a bunch of tools for projects which is pretty interesting - Community take over of the coin, which really makes for a focused and fun environment -  Low MCap - Heavy Focus on Utility and actual use beyond having masternodes, which is refreshing

    ESCROW: This one is a bit weird for me, their use case is... okay... and they pivoted towards opening an exchange, which shares a portion of the listing fee with all masternode holders - Consistent ROI - Low MCap with decent volume - Launch of the escrow platform will happen soon

    APOLLON: Masternode Setup, Monitoring, and platform - Product looks amazing and already has decent functionality - The reason this coin is sitting in more higher risk is they are looking into claims of hyper inflation, which could cause a dramatic shift in the ROI and Token Economics, which is make me a little more hesitant about it, otherwise a great project

    PURE: This coin is one I am keeping my eye on as it is about to go through a coin swap, halving the supply and getting the ROI more under control - Exchange -  Dev is solo, and terrible at communicating - Discord doesn't have a great community

    Final Notes

    I would also like to echo @Cryptosandwich's picks, as those were all ones I also thought looked really promising. For me, the way the community interacts on discord is  HUGE part of whether or not I invest in the coin. The way the devs/community support acts and handles the discord, the way the community members treat newcomers, especially newcomers with LEGITIMATE concerns or questions regarding the project. I think right now there is a fundamental issue with communities on discord right now, they feel as if any question about the project that isn't blowing smoke up the devs ass is an outright attack on the project when it isn't. Legitimate concerns call for legitimate answers, not for people shouting FUD and banning. Would love to hear more pics from people! I completely missed Marco which seems like a great pick up. Looking forward to seeing everyone else's posts!

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    Awesome thread @Cryptosandwich and awesome post @Lewlowned - you guys have covered a lot of ground already and I must say that my own investment profile is a mixbreed between you both. So I'll add another angle to the discussion: big caps.

    Investment Profile (for big caps): Big caps are interesting because they bring a sense of stability and longevity to your portfolio. You gain a lot of security with big caps. However you lose out on ROI performance. It is a trade-off well worth it in my opinion, for at least a part of a Masternode portfolio.

    (note: I do not own all of these, so have not done extensive research on some of them. However being around the MN space has lead me to know about these projects)

    Note 2: all these coins have strong teams (multiple devs, quality advisors, marketing team and more)

    Low Risk

    Dash: The OG of MNs. Very active development (even after all the newcomers, Dash is still spearheading the MN space development). Gigantic means, funds, reach and influence.

    Syscoin: real world use case, ambitious road map, merge-mineable with BTC (allowing stability and scalability)

    High Risk:

    Pivx: Privacy Focused - Development is one of the most active in the space. Most new MNs fork from Pivx. One of the biggest community in crypto.

    Zcoin: I debated posting that one in the low risk, but since so much gov hate is raining on privacy coins, I placed it here. Top notch team as well, biggest names in crypto backing this project.

  • Hello,

    I like this topic, it's very inspiring. Every new comer to masternodes, and to crypto in general, should ask himself about the big WHY. It's foolish to have no strategy, and having one will give you more confidence, more understanding and you will be less subject to emotions.

    Investment Profile: 

    I started crypto a few months ago, as a technology enthusiast (I'm an engineer). Because I didn't know a lot I learnt about tech, trading, altcoins and much more. BUT I don't have enough time to follow closely the market and all my trades. As a consequence my portfolio didn't grow. I decided to change that and I had a second look (deeper look) at MN. Now I think that this kind of investment is more aligned with who I am : I can support the tech by being part of the network and it's less time consuming.


    1. As my starting point is quite low, my primary focus is to make it grow. To do so, I invest in some very high ROI coins (early stage projects). This is very risky but I think it's OK to put money into shitcoins if you know it : you take quick profit and leave the project before it collapses. The key is to buy before the plebs, and leave when the plebs are here ! It worked quite well on these projects : Nodium and Aegeus. Initial investment covered in 1 week.
    2. After this setup phasis, I plan to re-allocate my funds : 
      1. I'll keep 25% on shitcoins with high ROI (playing with free money)
      2. I'll put 25% on projects such as ALQO
      3. Another 25% on mature projects like PIVX
      4. Finally, I'll invest 25% on coins with upcoming MN, but still very cheap (ECA could be an exemple)

  • thanks for turning me onto this thread @Cryptosandwich. Nice to see more noders like me. Ive gotten bit by the MN bug as well. i started last month with Pure. The ROI on that was crazy. Ive taken the returns off that and turned it into a FROST, GIN, ALQO, XAP, XN, ULTRA, FLEAx3. My goal is to see if i can live off my MN ROIs. Ive got another job btw. Im not a degenerate guys, just so you know! My strategy is to get into the early high ROI coins and roll those into more nodes. As soon as the ROI starts to drop, I bounce.I'm planning on cutting PURE i think. I do plan to collect some solid projects along the way. I believe ALQO qualifies. Im looking at POLIS, BWK, XLR, PCN as long plays. Sorry i didnt follow the format, but that my story. 

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    Hi guys, great thread. 

    I've been in crypto in general for about 2 years, and in the masternode scene for about 8 months. 

    I own 4 masternodes: Magnet (MAG), Galactrum (ORE), Polis (POLIS) and Apollon (XAP).  I have the XAP node since today. 

    MAGNET:  they want an organic growth, and they are very focused on development from what I've seen.  

    GALACTRUM: seems like a stable project, there is not much happening on the development side atm (only the android wallet) 

    POLIS: i stable project, joined forces with Gobyte to release a PolisCard. The development of that seems advanced, they expect more news about this in a few weeks. 

    Apollon: stable project, they are releasing a nodebuilder which takes away the hassle of setting up a masternode in Linux. More releases in their roadmap. 

    My strategy: I look at projects that are likely to be here next year as well, I'm too afraid to put money on HIGH ROI shitcoins and then loose it all. 

  • Low Risk

    RAPTURE: The development of this project is starting to pick up and their sharing with chartity node, while not exactly a novelty, but can be good. 

    High Risk 


    The above coins I am not sure about. Out of them, I think PYRO and OMEGA have the best possibility of increasing in value. DEV is starting to pick up in both. DEXTRO also possibly, they recently launched their MN hosting service. JOLT is probably the last one on that list. 


    Can you guys give me some good coins to invest in, below $100 a MN? 

  • Hello @soldatchristi 

    I like the target of pyro (become a kickstarter-like platform). It's worth it putting the 10$ required to go in. The gain perspective short term are ridiculously low, but it's worth taking the risk of a price increase. What do you mean by "DEV is starting to pick up in both" ?

    Otherwise, I don't usually invest in <100$ MN, as the gains - in most cases - don't cover the cost for VPS. But if you finf some gems, I'll be interested.

    If you like Rapture (I also have a node ☺), you should have a look at CareBit (same philosophy, but more expensive and better ROI) :

  • CareBit looks nice, though my available funds can't support it. 

    As for PYRO yes in fact since I last posted this we are now doing bounties and getting some traction. So there's great value involved in it. When I said dev starting to pick up, I meant 'development' is starting to pick up. RAPTURE is your best bet, in fact I'm going to go 2x and maybe even 3x nodes on RAPTURE because we are spitting out updates faster and the charity idea is great. When more charities hop on, it gets more public. 

    The rest of my nodes are basically stagnant :). 

  • Nice thread guys and enojy seeing what other people think about Masternonde projects. Ive also been investing in to them for about 5 months now as got fed up of the general crypto slump since December so looked for new avenues to invest. I have been hooked since finding and choosing and setting up my own nodes. I've been burnt a couple of times but generally have loved and learnt from it all. Id say since finding the Masternode space there's been one thats stuck out in particular head and shoulders above the rest with the community behind it and how much the Devs and Admin team are so active and transparent...

    Stipend! a great utility coin which is just about to release its working product to the masses. the Dev team are incredible and no matter what there's always a weekly update in the discord to let everyone know exactly qwhere they are and whats happening which really does give you tonnes more faith and security in your investment.

    there's also a few more which i like.  Carebit, Deviant and Apollon i class as solid investments i've made with great communities and ones i'm happy just letting the rewards build so i can create new nodes and greaten my returns when i choose to start cashing out returns.

    There's also one more which is relatively new which i think will be huge is Reliance. They have plans to build their own DEX and have created a community from a discord channel in scam project that have joined forces and are rising up from the ashes and building something new and exciting. I swapped all my Fornix coins for REL and couldnt be happier being a part of and look forward to the journey ahead

  • I just started about 3 months back too, and still learning from all the gurus out there.  One thing I seldom hear though, is an exit strategy.  Much been said about entry strategy, the projects, the technicalities, but hardly anything about exit.  What should we look for to decide whether to rotate our masternode portfolio and exit a project?  Or do most just invest in masternode and stay there till...?    

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    That's a good question. I think you will get a lot of different answers because of so many different investing strategies. Short term high ROI hunters exit as soon as ROI does not fit their strategy anymore (so their investment span is a few weeks at best). 

    Long term investors will just stay with the coins as long as it is not dying. 

    I personnally review my MNs every X amount of time and look at the development. Is the team still working on development? Are goals met? Are simple developments integrated easily? Is their community growing? is their marketing picking up the pace?etc. Lots of factor like these influence my decision. I try not to be influenced by price, but that's not always easy 🙂

  • @kelnel that's a good point you have there👍

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    When I'm investing in masternodes, I pick high ROI nodes with low cost to get my initial investment back quickly. That's just a rough description. I take things like discord activity, order book depth, and other fundamentals into account as well. For me, it's a numbers game. 

  • Been in the masternode game since Feb 2018, not a great time to start but I am convinced this is my way out of my 9 to 5. Strategy, I started crypto March 2017, so been using crypto profits to buy masternodes. I usually buy high risk, high ROI MN to try to get my capital back quick, after that I just let it ride and use money to bu more long term nodes. Since I don't need the money at the moment, still working job, I use all my masternodes profits to buy more stable, less risk/reward MNs. I am up to 21 nodes now, and my daily buying power is picking up so I can buy more nodes quicker. My current goal is 50 MNs by the end of 2018.I think with 50 nodes and the market returning to respectiful levels, hopefully in 2019, I should be able to live off my masternodes income. Hoping it works out!!

    Long term nodes I like: GBX, POLIS, ESCO, SMART

    High Risk/Reward:QNO, BTAD, BCARD, COTN, SAV

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    Wow!  It's been 5 months since I wrote this...  ☺

    Some life changes have led to me being even more risk-adverse so I've have held off on alts...  Which has worked out in this particular market... but I miss out on a A LOT more opportunities than I capitalize on.

    I have bought a more ZEN and GBX soon after writing that.  I sold the GBX at 2X within 2 weeks...  A rare flip for me.  ZEN is down, but is now a top 100 coin and then some...

    In the last 3 months.

    I have bought more ZEN, GRAFT & DIVI.   Graft is up nearly 3X.  ZEN is down.  DIVI is up a little...

    Currently, I'm in a number of Masternodes but deep into Bitcoin.  I think Bitcoin moves first and BIG - then the altcoin market will follow.  We'll see... 

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    I have to agree on holding Bitcoin, that will move up as first (with some nice profits). The alts will follow.  I haven't bought any new masternodes since my last post 5 months ago (because of a too busy personal life), which didn't gave me enough time to actively follow masternode projects on a daily basis.