VIOG - Distributed backup

  •                                                 UPDATE:You can now trade VIOG on yet another exchange:
                                                                                               VIOG - Distributed backup



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    Come and join us, this coin has a very low supply and has a very small amount of coins getting created every day so as an investment this is the coin of choice at the moment.

                                                                                  Our plans with VIOG as a community
                                                                           To start we want to make VIOG run smoothly.
    Our plans to make VIOG not just a simple Masternode coin like what it was intended for by the original dev are being discussed at this moment in our new team, we will post this as soon as we have our plans figured out. There has been a brilliant idea posted by one of our community and                                                                                        that is being reviewed right now!

                                                                                                           New VIOG logo

    VIOG Specifications

    Maximum supply: 22,000,000 VIOG
    Algorithm: NeoScrypt
    Type: PoW/Masternodes
    Address prefix: x
    Block time: 150 seconds
    Block Reward: 5 VIOG, decreasing 12% every 210240 blocks
    Reward Distribution: 50% Miner, 50% Masternodes
    InstantSend confirmation: approx. 5 seconds
    Collateral for a Masternode: 1000 VIOG
    Current rewards for a Masternode: 2.5 VIOG every 7 hours approx.
    Superior Difficulty Retargeting Using Dark Gravity Wave
    Superior Transaction Anonymity Using PrivateSend
    Original premine: 2%
    (Premine was mined by the original dev, nobody from the community has any of those)
    Buy VIOG at these exchanges

    Exchanges Processing
    Graviex: submitted and getting funds together (ETA: unknown)
    SouthXchange: submitted and waiting for quote (ETA: unknown)
    Exchanges Planned
    CryptoBridge: Q3/2018
    CoinsControl: Q3/2018
    Cryptopia: 2019

    To help us pay for all the exchanges we would appreciate donations a lot:
    Check Balance and Transactions here...
    Bitcoin donation address:

    Check Balance and Transactions here...
    Download VIOG wallet

    05/05/2018: Wallet for Windows and Linux has been update to version now you can install 2 Masternodes

    Initial seed file can be downloaded here:
    Blockchain 14/04/2018

    Masternode setup guides

    Windows Masternode Setup
    Youtube Manual for setting up a VIOG Masternode
    More will follow...

    Mine VIOG on one of these pools

    Please distribute your mining among the pools in a way that no more than 50% is on a single pool all the time.
    The first pool is operated by a community member that uses the proceeds to fund our project

    Community Pool:
    Code: [Select]
    -a neoscrypt -o stratum+tcp:// -u <WALLET_ADDRESS> -p c=VIOG
    Fee 1%* - payouts every 20 minutes
    *100% donated to the community

    Code: [Select]
    -a neoscrypt -o stratum+tcp:// -u -p c=VIOG
    Fee 1%* - payouts every 13 minutes
    *100% donated to the community

    If you operate a pool and want to be added here please let us know

  • VIOG is currently in a change phase.
    There will be a new homepage online soon.
    A new RoadMap will be released.
    And so a new whitepaper will be released

  • Welcome to the VIOG contest.

    This context is conducted with the future of VIOG in mind. Now that we have a stable system with very high reliability, a good number of masternodes and hashrate that is going up it is now time to put this wonderful system to good use.

    Who can join?
    Anybody with an idea or a suggestion for VIOG can submit it to our contest.

    What is a good idea?
    Let’s make VIOG into a system that has something unique and that will attract a lot of people, any idea that focuses on an increased value and that is possible to implement will be taken into account.

    How does the contest work?
    Every good idea or suggestion that is too small to be the future of VIOG but is by itself a good one will be implemented anyway and you will get a reward between 5 and 50 VIOG depending on what it actually is.
    All other ideas and suggestions will be collected using our discord so everybody can see the ideas coming in. You can then mark an idea as good with a thumbs up or mark it as bad with a poop.
    A jury will decide which idea will be implemented but the votes will influence that decision. It is not simply the idea with the most votes that will be implemented, the idea that is best for the future of VIOG and all people that have invested in it will be implemented.

    Submissions must reach us before 08/06/2018 00:00.

    What should I submit?
    Give your idea a title and a short explanation that everybody can understand of how you see your idea in practice.
    Post that in the discord channel “Contest”

  • Hi Community!

    Have a look at the VIOG chart.

    From the beginning VIOG only raises!

  • Hey @ All!

    For News Please come to our Discord!

  • Now you can find us also at Telegramm!!!

  • Hier die neuesten news!!!

  • Latest NEWS to all VIOG fans. We are running first tests on our system to split the files up in redundant parts to be distributed. will keep you updated on the progress...

  • News:
    "Our development is going very well. After proving we can successfully distribute data we now managed to read the existing blockchain on file and interpret the data using completely new code written from scratch, the speed improvements are way beyond our expectations."

  • Latest NEWS: This week we are testing the distribution system for the so-called "grains". This system will generate small parts of the original files, add redundancy and then distribute among the nodes. This looks very promising and will be a huge step forward for our system!

  • Update 09/07/2018: @everyone  we are happy to announce that you can trade VIOG now at

  • You can now trade VIOG on yet another exchange:

  • @everyone  now you can find us also on facebook.

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  • @everyone  Hello VIOG Community!
    Once again we have news for you.
    We are pleased to announce that we are now listed on Blockfolio!
    You can download the app for Android and for IOs.
    Download it here:

  • VIOG has been added for voting on ZAfridex, Goodluck!

    Come and Vote for free.

    Without login!!

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