*Newbie* how do you purchase a masternode?

  • hello probably a really newbie discussion but I don't know much of anything about this stuff. I'm trying to figure out how do I buy a master note? Where can I purchase one at?

  • @sohonobo Sign up for a account at cryptopia and purchase 25,000 Machinecoins, then you can run a Machinecoin masternode¬†ūüėé (I guess you could buy other coins if you really wanted to).

    You just need the coins and a vps. Vultr seems to be the most popular masternode hosting service, but the price seems to be coming down at most vps hosting sites. 

    If you are wanting to see how involved it is to set a masternode up, check out our guide - https://machinecoin.io/2018/05...

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    Hi @sohonobo . First go to the website masternodes.online. Look at all the masternodes. Pick one that you like. If you click on it then you'lll see the general info such as their discord server. website. The info shows also the exchange where the coins can be bought at. 

    first, download the wallet from the website and install it on your computer. after that you go to the particular exchange, sign up, and send some BTC over there. I would like to recommend crypto bridge: it's a dex (decentralized exchange), so it doesn't hold your private keys and also not your funds. Once you bought the desired coins you can withdraw these to the wallet you installed on your computer. Be careful that you copy paste the wallet address. Double check it, just to be sure. After that, you can go to the discord server and look for a masternode guide or ask for help at one of the devs. 

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