Pushi unveils governance going live.

  • PushiCoin Team has completed its first Governance Test and first live project.

    Summaries have been added at http://pushiplay.pw:8080/gover... along with MasterNode reporting. A new forum is in the works and Pushi is moving in the right direction. A solid base and framework is in place and efforts will now be put into place to promote and market. Quite refreshing to see a coin build from the ground up an retain its integrity. Instead of emulating the hundreds of coins shilling and hyping only to crash an burn a few months later.

    Pushi Discord has a community driven MasterNode Sharing Service which allows people to take part shares in an MN. Which means they also get collective voting rights in governance. For those who might want to take a look the first Governance Project has allowed for an incentive for MasterNode Sharing. Anyone who joins a shared MN gets an incentive payment of:

    1-2k : 10 pushi
    2001-5k: 15 pushi
    5001-10K: 20 pushi

    Ok so not a massive amount but it shows the commitment Pushi has to its community and even now at this early stage 10k coin is being offered to the community for proposals to be submitted to Governance for projects.

    If you are wondering about where to invest in a early stage coin that has real promise and is not hyperbole but real substance you should check it out.

    Discord: https://discord.gg/Qd7YEK4

    This is not a bounty post but honest to goodness news

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