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    MANO - The Masternode Foundation

    Masternode Infrastructure for the Smart Investor.


    Since late 2017, several crypto specialists have been saying that masternode coins “will be huge in the upcoming years.

    After only five months into 2018, we can already see they're right,  masternodes are becoming the new mining.

    It makes sense if you think about it.

    Why would anyone buy overpriced GPUs and get those massive power bills, just to mine a coin that may lose half its value overnight?

    Savvy investors are starting to realize that, by investing in masternodes, they are building a portfolio of passive income generating assets.

    Read that again: Masternodes are passive income generating assets.

    Let me give you a quick example: Dash, the first coin to implement masternodes.

    Did you know that original Dash masternodes were setup when the coin was about $1?

    Yep, that means people who invested about $1,000 in 1000 DASH and got their masternode four years ago have been generating passive income for all this time.

    But that’s not it!

    The 1000 DASH those people purchased for about $1,000 was worth more than $1.64 million in December 2017 and even with all the lows of 2018, that same DASH is now worth $305 thousand.

    They generated passive income for the last four years and their initial investment is now worth 305x or 30500% more..

    But there is a catch, yes, there’s always a catch…

    98.5% of crypto investors have no idea how to setup, maintain and run a masternode.

    Different coins have different technical requirements to run their masternodes and, let’s be honest, most investors don’t want to learn complicated linux commands or  have time to deal with  Ubuntu VPS' security updates.

    Investors want to make money, period.  Don’t you?

    That’s exactly what MANO is here for, The Masternode Foundation's project will break those technical barriers holding back investors from adding these passive income generating assets to their portfolios.

    This is what The Masternode Foundation will build:


    Our exclusive $5 one-click masternode hosting service eliminates today’s most common difficulty for masternode investors.

    From now on, any investor will be able to click and launch a full masternode without previous linux command line or even wallet console knowledge.

    By choosing only Tier 1 providers, such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean and OVH, we will be able to provide world-class redundant scalable infrastructure with a never-offered-before 99.9% Service Level Agreement (SLA) Guarantee.


    An exclusive 2% fee Shared Masternode Automated Platform which offers the possibility of joining any coin shared masternodes automatically without waiting or interacting with anyone.

    Traditional shared masternodes services are known to be inefficient, tedious and difficult to audit, our automated platform has always vacancy for new shares so the investor starts earning immediately instead of waiting for a new masternode to be set up.

    This platform was developed and it's already being used by the CRS team, MANO secured exclusive rights to use the platform for multi-coin purposes.


    The most comprehensive masternode coins listing and comparison platform ever created, featuring "Node Monitor" a masternode monitoring service with e-mail, mobile and push alerts for investors who want to be notified in real time if their masternodes have any issues.

    The Node Monitor Android and iOS apps will allow masternode owners to be constantly aware of their investment statuses regardless of their location.

    Masternode Rankings will be the Coin Market Cap of masternode coins.


    A masternode coin exclusive exchange where masternode owners can receive their rewards directly and trade them automatically if they choose to do so.

    Nowadays, masternode investors need to transfer rewards from their wallets to exchanges and then manually create sell orders in order to get their ROI back.

    MANO exchange users will be able to securely host their masternodes on the MANO Host infrastructure free of charge.


     June 2018: MANO Coin Blockchain Initial Launch.  July 2018: MANO Host - One-click Masternode Services for Everyone.  August 2018: Shared Masternodes Platform - Automated Shared Masternode Investing.  October 2018: Masternode Rankings - The Coin Market Cap of Masternode Coins.  January 2019: MANO Exchange - The Crypto Exchange for the Smart Masternode Investor.  March 2019: MANO Fund - A Masternode Investment Fund ruled by Decentralized Governance.


        MANO COIN

    Mineable, fairly launched and distributed, our cryptocurrency will be used on the infrastructure provided by the Masternode Foundation, creating a constant renewable demand that will provide value for investors and users alike.

     Symbol: MANO  Address Initial: M  Block Reward: 10 MANO  Masternode Collateral:  1000 MANO  Block Reward: 5/5 ( 50% Miner / 50% Masternode )  PoW Algorithm: Lyra2z  Block time: 120 seconds  Diff Retargeting: DGWv3  Halving: 12 months  P2P Port: 5982  RPC Port: 5983  Max Supply: 12,614,400 MANO  Premine: 3%

        Instamine Protection:

     2 MANO for 30 blocks  4 MANO for 60 blocks  6 MANO for 60 blocks  8 MANO for 60 blocks  10 MANO afterwards

        Masternode Activation:

     Masternode Payments Enforced: eight ( 8 ) hours after launch.

        MANO Coin Launch Schedule:

     PRE-ANN: May 28th  Website and Light Paper reveal: May 30th  Github Code reveal: May 31st  Fair Coin Launch: Monday, June 4th, 2018 @ 4pm UTC  Bounty Campaigns Start: June 5th


    Announcement Thread, Website and White Paper Translation Bounty:

     Russian - materazi  Ukranian - anayurik  German  French  Italian - birdie_ale  Romanian  Spanish - yselacreyo3  Portuguese  Chinese  Korean - ddhao  Japanese  Vietnamese  Filipino - gliridian  Malay  Indonesian - CucakRowo  Arabic - disantes  Croatian - dkbit98

        Reward: 250 MANO per language.

        Translation Rules

     Google translations will not be paid.  You need to show at least 3 previous translation examples when reserving and wait for approval.  You will need to keep your language’s thread updated.

    Come be a part of the MANO team family!

    We are looking for much more than just translators, we are searching for community managers and moderators that will take care and help foreign members use MANO services.

    If you believe you're a match, maybe even have done this before and love masternodes as much as we do, talk to us!

    More Bounties will start on June 05th, make sure you join our discord, telegram and follow MANO on Twitter to be updated.

    This is just a sample of others bounties we’ll be holding:

     Youtube Video Bounty  Article / Blog Post Bounty    Social Media Bounty  Discord Invite Contest

        MANO Coin Pre-sale Auction Schedule and Details:

     Super Early Bird Auction: Monday, June 4th @ 6pm UTC - Eight ( 8 ) Masternodes will be auctioned with bids starting at 0.25 BTC per node.  Early Bird Auction: Tuesday, June 5th @ 4pm UTC - Eight ( 8 ) Masternodes will be auctioned with bids starting at 0.35 BTC per node.  Main Auction: Wednesday, June 6th @ 7pm UTC - Ten ( 10 ) Masternodes will be auctioned with bids starting at 0.50 BTC per node.  Late Auction: Thursday, June 7th @ 2pm UTC - Four ( 4 ) Masternodes will be auctioned with bids starting at 0.65 BTC per node.

        Pre-sale Auction Rules:

     Auctions will be held exclusively on our discord server by the MANO Team.  A maximum of 3 masternodes per person will be sold.  A reputable escrow from BTCT will be hired and paid by us.  Escrow will release buyer’s BTC to us only after MANO is sent to the buyer indicated address.  MANO pre-sale Hard Cap is 20 BTC, no more masternodes will be auctioned after reaching the hard cap.  All times are UTC, to check your local time, visit https://time.is/UTC

        Here's how pre-sale funds will be used:

     Masternode Listing Websites: 0.8 BTC  Exchange Listings: 1 to 4 BTC ( Crypto-bridge will be MANO's first exchange)  International Business Corporation: 2 BTC  Software Licenses: 1.7 BTC  Hardware Infrastructure: 1 BTC  Support Personnel: 0.5 BTC  Marketing: 3+ BTC  Community Most Voted Charity: 5% of raised

        MANO Team Members on Discord: (Pay attention, avoid scammers)

     MaNoDev#3948 -  Discord ID: 427532013319356416  Kryptus#5003 - Discord ID: 418243725227982848  John Galt#8687 - Discord ID: 450694552622333962

        ONLY Discord Server: https://discord.gg/2whGVY3


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    ONLY Discord Server: https://discord.gg/2whGVY3

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