[ANN][AIRDROPS] Cryptonodes CNMC Masternode & Staking Swiss thinking Projekt

  • Cryptonodes CNMC Swiss thinking Projekt

    We are happy to introduce you to Cryptonodes. A Swiss thinking project.

    Why was Cryptonodes created: we will use the coin as a base for our projects in the future. These include projects such as masternode-statistic platform, coin ranking platform as well as in the distant future decentralized exchanges. Cryptonodes can be used for the listing. We also believe that it is time to move the world away from traditional mining. Because even though we all enjoy it, our beautiful planet is not happy about this development. Note that only the Bitcoin network itself already uses as much power as 83% of the world's countries. And that's just a network of countless.

    More information can be found in the roadmap and white paper.

    Expiry of the publication:
    The premine is completed and the blockchain is now frozen at block 200. Now, over a week, we will be tendering various competitions via Airdrops to win Cryptonodes. So all profits from Airdrops can be sent in block 201.
    At the same time, Cryptonodes will be listed on MasternodeXchange. Thus, the trade can be started directly from block 201.
    This allows a fair start for all participants and all have the same chances of making good profits while staking.


    Discord Community


    Block Explorer


    Cryptonodes Specification
    Algorithm Green Protokoll
    Staking POS / Proof of stake
    Blocktime 60 seconds
    Transactions 154 tx/s
    Total 21'000'000 CNMC
    Premine 500'000 CNMC
    Total 21'000'000 CNMC
    Masternode Collateral 5000 CNMC
    P2P Port 44221
    RPC Port 34221

    0 - 200 Premine
    201 - 5000 1 CNMC
    5001 - 25'000 30 CNMC
    25'001 - 100'000 20 CNMC
    100'001 - 1'050'000 10 CNMC
    1'050'001 - 2'100'000 5 CNMC
    2'100'001 - 3'150'000 2,5 CNMC
    3'150'000 - 4'200'000 1,25 CNMC

    After that, the block reward splits every 1'050'000 blocks. Until the total is generated.

    Bittrex on Roadmap
    Cryptopia on Roadmap
    C-Cex on Roadmap
    Escodex on Roadmap

    We will not presale. Also no Masternode presale. In addition I would not really like to say, who has pursued the new Masternodecoins lately, who knows how much badly so developed. No, we will carry out Airdrop competitions daily from 28.05.2018 until 01.06.2018. In this way 30K coins are brought to the people. Another 70k can be purchased after the Ardrop week on MasternodeXchange.com. Everything you'll find on Discord soon.

    In this sense, all a successful staking.

  • Quick progress update:

    - Start the Blockchain of Cryptonodes. (Date for start have to found with community)

    - Initial sell of 70k CNMC from premine to get project funds. (exchange MasternodeXchange.com)

    - From generated funds, pay listing for Masternodes.online.

    - Gorvernance section where the project addresses visible and traceable (CNMC and BTC)

    - Updated Blockexplorer with Masternode features.

    - Various decisions where the opinion of the community is in demand. We are shaping the future together.

    Stay tuned, we are heading Cryptonodes

  • I think that it is a wonderful effort to have fair distribution without presales. We are looking forward to the development of DEX for the project

  • I also enjoy the idea of a fair distro via Airdrops and the like. Rewarding community members that will be a huge part of the success of the currency. 

    A few questions,

    • What is your premine? 
    • I am not really sure why a coin ranking platform needs to have a currency tied directly to it? And if it does need a currency, does it really need it's own blockchain? Could you not run this is a DAPP on one of the many platforms that already exist? What purpose does the token provide for the platform? I personally do not think using the token for listing fees is anywhere near enough of a reason to do this. I don't really even see the benefit of decentralizing your service. Centralized version work just as well, as is evident with all the sites that currently do what you are wanting.
    • More and more projects seem to be throwing "Decentralized Exchanges" on their roadmaps as if it is some innate profit generator. How are you planning on providing incentives/liquidity on your platform? Why will people have any reason to use your exchange instead of say, Pure's new dex, or Alqo's Bitfineon, or Giant Coins options exchange, or Escrow Coins Exchange? And those are just a few MN projects with them, let alone the big players like CB, Coss, Etherdelta. 
    • Team information? You have your names listed on your site but no additional information beyond basic position, do you have linkedin pages or an equivalent resume people could see?
    • What is the percentage of block rewards for MN holders vs stakers? It doesn't mention it anywhere on your site.
    • What is your roadmap? Beyond the ranking sites and a DEX.

  • I hope the project will succeed, I  love this project. MN+POS is very profitable way.

  • i hope for succes of this project. how much cost mn in presale? have this coin presale?

  • I wish you best with project. I like plans go to cryptopia my favorite exchange. 

  • Community slowly growing and dev active on Discord : https://discord.gg/Nq3JTA
    I'm curious to discover the projects that will be developed around this one so I'm in!


  • nice project new algo

  • It looks like a great project ,I will invite my friedns join this airdrop!

  • While I wish the project the best, it's doing pretty much the same thing as others.

  • Looks to be promising, and am happy to have come across this one as its in the early stages. Looking forward to its growth and mine too along with it .. hhahah

    My wallet address is - CTUGmQC8AneDhguf3Egivq1ZpTrTj1vWiQ


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