[ANN][AIRDROPS] Cryptonodes CNMC Masternode & Staking Swiss thinking Projekt

  • Hello Cryptonodes Community,

    We look forward to presenting you something again.  
    Cryptonodes is now available on armageddon platform.

    What is armageddon platform ??
    With the service of armageddon a user without technical know-how can create a Cryptonodes masternode full automatic ready for operation.
    Do not look for a VPS offer or deal with the programming of a server.
    Simply enter the necessary data via the web interface and the Cryptonodes Masternode is online.

  • Hello Cryptonodes Community,

    We look forward to presenting you something again.
    Cryptonodes is now available on https://xbitcoin.co.za/ 

    What is https://xbitcoin.co.za/ ??
    It is a shared masternode service.
    compare your coins with others to start your masternode.

  • Hello Cryptonodes Community,

    Hello Cryptonodes Community,

    we are pleased to announce that Cryptonodes is now listed on CoinMarketDaddy
    Direct link to Cryptonodes on CoinMarketDaddy

  • Hello Cryptonodes Community,

    we are pleased to announce the new version of the Cryptonodes Wallet v1.4.0.
    it's a mandatory update for every Cryptonodes user.

    Please update ASAP.

    Donwnload new version from Github

  • Hello Cryptonodes Community,

    we are pleased to announce that Cryptonodes is now listed on raisex.io exchange:
    Direct link to raisex exchange


    update your wallet ASAP to version 1.4.0
    only 970 blocks to 225K.
    or you will fork out from main chain.....

  • update to the actual network.

    as first thanks to all they have updated to latest version 1.4.0

    as still users online with depracated versions like 1.3.2 and lower,
    i will open a timeframe of around two weeks.
    please update at least in this timeframe.

    this is now your part to help hold the cryptonodes bockchain smooth and stabel as we all like.


  • now the last 4 days of the given timeframe to update.
    if you have not updated yet, do it please ASAP.

    network protocol enforcement is now set to:
    2018.12.17 03:15 UTC = timestamp 1545016500

    after this point, no support or help anymore for any client version under 1.4.

    and as last but not least, thanks to all they updated quick as possible.
    thats is the point we do en fork update without haveing issues in main chain.
    it have only worked so nice because we have worked together.


  • the end of the theme update is arrived.

    now we will start in the next time with the first on chain voting.
    this as a main chain test round so any user can look how to vote with his masternode.
    we will test the budget voting also the community voting.

    when all works as expected, is the plan to store the premine on an unspendable address. (burned)
    for the generatet funds, we will find a desicion with the community together if them also get burned or still handled by the core team to pay workers for the project. then we have the liked community driven coin.

    i guess we will let the voting test run over the xmas days till new yeahr. 
    to give the users and also the the team the time to be at home over the xmas days.
    then i guess in this time, the real family should be part number one to spend our time.

    i will also publish in this time a reflection which goals are done in this time and wich one still open. as some other security work are done, not all goals from the whitepaper roadmap snipet reached.

    thanks to the whole cryptonodes family

  • new proposals to vote on chain ready.

    #1 information on: https://www.cryptonodes.ch/en/proposal-a1b0/
    vote with:

    mnbudgetvote many 3184fde1ca264423bc599700123bdc69296934672a1b31bf87fe8719dfad9809 yes or no

    #2 information on: https://www.cryptonodes.ch/en/proposal-a1b1/
    vote with:

    mnbudgetvote many 4757d36f4ef3df8fd580cfb51acbb71b1274a4915f54eec3856dcd559825aa5e yes or no 

    take your voice

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