[PRE-ANN]NodeCash ūüöÄEcosystem For Masternodes‚úÖTiered MN‚úÖBounties‚úÖPRE-SALE‚úÖ

  • NodeCash is a brand new innovative and anonymous CryptoCurrency which brings together many popular features and latest concepts, such as Tiered Masternodes, Pure PoS, DarkSend, Stealth Address, Encrypted Messaging, Private Mixing, etc.¬†

    As mentioned above, NodeCash implements a new concept: Tiered Masternodes, it gives holders the ability to set up 5 different levels of masternode, earn 5 different level of staking reward. The more you invest, the more you are rewarded. It's absolutely a positive incentive to investors and holders. This is a self-evolving system that will make NodeCash more robust and resilient than any other masternode coins.

    However, the main idea behind NodeCash is not only to create a cryptocurrency but to establish a entire and great ecosystem surrounding it. More than a cryptocurrency, NodeCash is also a platform which provides turnkey solutions for Masternode Economy.

    Nowadays, you can see that masternodes become more and more popular in the world of cryptocurrency. Savvy investors are starting to realize that masternodes are a great passive income sources:

    1.They allow you to free up time for other economic or personal ventures, while your computer is running and accumulating reward money from the validation of transactions.
    2.If you find a newly launched coin that supports masternodes, or one that you think might take off in the future, you can invest a small sum of money in order to reap huge benefits later in time.
    3.You can predict fairly well how much money you will obtain monthly from your masternode, even though there might be slight fluctuations in value for your coin of choice.
    4.You invest in something that is very likely to become extremely valuable in the future, as cryptocurrencies are quickly becoming one of the most profitable assets.
    5.Your return in value is double with masternodes, as you own a cryptocoin and a masternode. Both of these will acquire value in time, as masternodes require a sum of money to set them up and this sum of money increases as the value of the coin goes up.

    Our team, as an early investor in Dash Masternode, believe firmly that in 2018, masternodes will have big growth potential and bring everyone a huge opportunity. But as we know, most of crypto investors have no idea how to setup and run a masternode. Different cryptocurrencies have their own technical requirements to run their masternodes, and for nontechnical investors, it's hard to setup a masternode by using complicated Linux commands. That's why we created NodeCash, it will break those technical barriers for investors and make everything simple and operational. Below is some planned services built for NodeCash Ecosystem:

    BASIC SPEC                FUNCTIONAL SPEC                DETAILED SPEC                
    Coin Name : NodeCashMax block size : 4 MbValue Tx : Low Fees
    Symbol : NDHBlock Time : 60 SecondsTransaction : Super Fast
    Algorithm : pure PoSBlocks/Day : 1440Eco-Firendly : no mining, pure Proof-of-Stake
    Minimum Stake Age : 4 HoursStealth Address : DarkSend Private Mixing
    Coin Maturity : 60 BlocksPrivate Encrypted : Desktop Blockchain Messaging
    Max Supply : 960,000,000 NDH
    Premined : 4,800,000 NDH
    PoS Block Reward : 5 NDH
    Masternodes Reward : Based on Tiers
    Difficulty retarget : Every block
    Ports : Network 35311 - RPC 35312

    NodeCash offers 5 different levels of masternode, you can choose any tier to setup your own masternode:

    |           LEVEL                       |          BLOCK REWARD         |            COLLATERAL            |
    |           Bronze                      |          20 Coins                    |            2,000 Coins              |
    |           Silver                        |          45 Coins                    |            4,000 Coins              |
    |           Gold                         |          100 Coins                  |            8,000 Coins              |
    |           Platinum                   |          240 Coins                  |            16,000 Coins            |
    |           Diamond                   |          360 Coins                  |            24,000 Coins            |

    • June 2018:¬†
      • Release Website And WhitePaper
      • Start Pre-Sale
      • Launch NodeCash Blockchain
      • Release NodeCash Block Explorer
      • Public Sale Platform ¬†& Start Referral Program
      • Airdrop & Bounty Campaigns
      • Listed on Masternodes.pro & Masternodes.online
    • July 2018:¬†
      • Listed on the First Exchange: CryptoBridge or CoinExchange
      • One-click MN Hosting Service
      • NodeCash Internal Exchange ( The Alpha Version of Decentralized Exchange)
    • August 2018:¬†
      • Shared Masternodes Platform
      • Masternodes Stats and Monitoring Service
    • September 2018:
      • Web Wallet
      • Listed on More Exchange: CryptoPia & HitBTC
      • Beta Version of Decentralized Exchange
    • October 2018:
      • Android App

    • PRE Announcement: June 1st¬†Done
    • Start PreSale: June 2nd¬†Done
    • Release Website And WhitePaper: ¬†June 4th
    • Upload Source Code to Github: June 6h
    • Launch NodeCash Blockchain: June 8th
    • Release Block Explorer: June 8th
    • Launch Bounty Campaigns: June 9th
    • Launch Free Airdrop: June 9th
    • Start Public Sale: June 11th

    NodeCash Pre-Sale Starts on June 2nd and ends on June 11th at 23:59 UTC

    Supply: Max. 10 Masternodes will be sold during the Pre-Sale Phrase.

    Use Of Proceeds:

    • Masternodes Listing Website: 1BTC
    • Exchange Listing Fee: 1BTC - ¬†2BTC (CryptoBridge will be our first exchange)

    Our coins are sold with a degressive price. The more you buy, the cheaper the coins.

    |           LEVEL                       |          PUBLIC SALE              |            PRE SALE                |
    |           Bronze                      |         $0.9/Coins                |            $0.7/Coins              |
    |           Silver                        |          $0.8/Coins                 |            $0.6/Coins              |
    |           Gold                         |          $0.7/Coins                 |            $0.5/Coins               |
    |           Platinum                   |          $0.6/Coins                 |            $0.4/Coins               |
    |           Diamond                   |          $0.5/Coins                 |            $0.3/Coins               |

    How to Buy?

    NodeCash PreSale will be held on our Discord. Join Discord Firstly: https://discord.gg/nhmDDjm
    Only One Admin on Our Discord: NodeCashDev#6126(Pay attention, avoid scammers)

    Our Planned Exchangers:
    [CryptoBridge | CoinExchange | CryptoPia | HitBTC | KuCoin | Binance]

    ‚ÄĘ Translation Bounty Campaign

    ANN, Website and White Paper Translation Bounties.

    Reward: 800 NDH per language.


    • 1.Translation should represent original work, google translation or other automatic translators will be rejected.
    • 2.Translator can take 3 days to deliver us the translation.
    • 3.Translator should to keep your language's thread updated.
    • 4.To Reserve a translation, please PM us.
    • 5.Translator's reward will be paid after the launch of NodeCash blockchain.


    • Indonesian - loopes
    • Turkish - hatateng
    • Hindi
    • German
    • Spanish
    • Russian¬†- RossUlbrixt(Done)
    • Japanese
    • Portuguese - Nemaguabebes
    • French
    • Chinese¬†- nodelabel(Done)
    • Croatian
    • Italian
    • Romanian
    • Greek
    • Filipino - Wingo
    • Polish - Flangler
    • Dutch
    • Korean
    • Vietnamese¬†- anobtc(Done)

    ‚ÄĘ Discord Invite Campaign

    Invite your friends to join our Discord Server:https://discord.gg/nhmDDjm


    • 1st place - 800 NDH
    • 2nd place - 500 NDH
    • 3rd place - 300 NDH
    • 4-10 place - 100 NDH


    • 1.This contest starts on June 1st and ends on June 11th at 23:59 UTC
    • 2.Spammers and cheaters will not be paid and banned
    • 3.Rewards will be paid after NodeCash blockchain initial launch with 1-3 days.

    ‚ÄĘ More Campaigns Are Coming Soon...

    Official Website: https://nodecash.org
    WhitePaper: coming soon
    Twitter: @nodecash
    Medium: https://discord.gg/hbd9Nt9
    Discord: https://discord.gg/nhmDDjm
    Telegram: coming soon
    Github: https://github.com/NodeCash
    Email: team@nodecash.org

    NOTE: Any future update and announcements will be posted here. If you have any ideas, feedbacks please send us a PM or Email