MasterNodeOnline - free of charge masternode monitoring service

  • Hi everyone!

    Three months ago we started our service for masternode monitoring.
    We currently monitor 130 currencies (15 Jun 2018), we add new ones every few days and we implement new features all the time.

    The main features our service:
    - Email or anonymous token login
    - Monitoring masternodes statuses and payouts every 15 minutes
    - Notifications via email, Telegram, Discord
    - Event log activity for all your masternodes
    - Lastpaidtime and lasteen tracking
    - Desktop and mobile version available
    - Customised GUI
    - Ad-free service
    - New currencies are added free-of-charge - everyone can apply for adding

    Please visit our site

    Our channels:

  • administrators

    Hi and welcome! I've been using your services for the past couple of weeks and found it super usefull, especially the telegram bot, so thanks!

  • This looks really nice! Always love having new monitoring sites. And I like the tracking features you are showing.

  • Yep, I can attest to their usage. Very simple. DEV team super helpful. 

  • @cradox

    Today (13 Jun 2018) we added to our service the following coins: BitRadio, Gamble Coin, Civitas, HeldCoin, MedicCoin, VirtusPay

  • @cradox

    We have just added several new coins: APR Coin, Arctic Coin, Ellerium, Essence, Feirm, Katana, Parlay, Rupee and Trittium

  • @cradox

    Coins going live today (19 Jun 2018) are as follows: Bitcoin Incognito, Giant, GoaCoin, H2O, HPP Coin, IQ Cash, Jolt Gas, KRAIT, MIRQ, NeosCoin and PRINTEX.

  • Just wanted to let you know that todays (20 Jun 2018) batch of coins have now gone live. They are: AeriumX, Aquila, BiFrost, Cerberus, FixedTradeCoin, Guardian Coin, LightPayCoin, Nyerium, VerticalCoin and VYIGrat

  • This is a great service, and we have received top notch support ☑

  • Just wanted to let everybody know, todays (22 Jun 2018) set of coins have now gone live. So you can now start monitoring these types of masternodes, which are: Bitcloud, GenesisX, Gentlemen Coin, Ipsum, Kona, Kreita, Linc, Masterbit, Moondex, Oasis and Utum. Have fun guys and a great weekend too

  • I won't let me track NORT for some strange reason.

  • @grinmoure Hi. If you have any problems/issues please register here:

  • Coins added today (25 Jun 2018) for masternode monitoring are: BanKitt, BitNexus, Motion, NOS and ZestCoin.  All working and ready for monitoring 🙂 Now we can monitor 165 currencies!

  • Dear MasterNodeOnline users!
    Thank you for believing in us, and we're glad that you are with us, enjoying our service. We are constantly working on improving our service to develop it further, adding more functionality and increasing the number of monitored masternode currencies.
    Every day, more and more users are joining us, and we are really proud of this.

    Over the next few weeks, we intend to launch additional features, that will significantly simplify the masternode monitoring, increasing the comfort of use, and to give you the ability to respond faster to detected problems. This required a lot of programming work, testing, providing redundant infrastructure and maintaining the service, which is why we decided to implement the PRO plan.
    Details you can find on our site

    Until the end of beta testing, all registered users will have access to the PRO plan free of charge.

    We are always open to proposals from our users. Ultimately, we have the ambition to be the leading masternode monitoring service with advanced detection and notification functionality.

    Thanks for being with us.
    MasterNodeOnline Team

  • Hi everyone!

    We are pleased to announce that today we have added new features on our monitoring service such as:
    - Lastseen proactive monitoring
    - Display activetime for monitored MN
    - Protocol version check

    The most exciting feature is lastseen proactive monitoring.
    We are one of the first on the market to provide the possibility of proactive monitoring of masternodes based on lastseen time.
    If your node has not been seen for over 20 minutes, a notification (Email / Telegram / Discord) will be sent to inform you, so that you have enough time to react before your node status changes to EXPIRED causing your rewards being lost.
    To configure proactive monitoring just click 'Edit preferences' for each monitored masternode - you will see additional option 'lastseen' and notifications to choose.

    Soon we are going to add more interesting features.
    Stay with us 🙂

  • administrators

    good stuff guys. You are doing solid work and are integrating some clever and usefull innovations!

  • @kelnel Thanks a lot. 👌

  • Appreciate the great service you're providing!

  • The real feature I'd like to see is the earning for all these nodes. Then I can make a permanent switch.

  • @soldatchristi Thanks for using our service. Now we are working on it + some other interesting features. Stay with us 🙂