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  • How are you planning on nurturing the blockchain development market? By having a freelance site? Why do you even need a token for this?

    How do you plan on building a big enough network effect to have your platform be used by developers seeking work and businesses seeking developers?

    How do you compare to the other similar ideas in this space? Such as, https://ethlance.com/, https://www.xbtfreelancer.com/, https://coinality.com/https://www.coinlancer.io/https://blocklancer.net/ . And those are just the blockchain focused ones, let alone the more broad world of freelance sites.

  • Good news! Smart Quorum is added to the russian website https://duxton.ru/crowdsale/smart-quorum/. This is a simple tool for tracking the most profitable masternode coins with full information and statistics. And now the Smart Quorum Coin is here! Every day they update the all information and research new coins and ICO. Also there're a lot of interesting crypto news! Service is free, and we hope you will enjoy it!

  • @Lewlowned 

    Hello and thank you for your questions - they are right to the bull's eye=)
    First of all - why we need a token for it. Token? we'd rather call it a coin, 'cos it's not ERC20 or smth like that. It's a coin on our own blockchain. We need a coin to gain funds for development and marketing of the platform. The more funds we accumulate the more fast and specific development and marketing we're about to launch. 

    The SQR coin is not nurturing the blockchain development market, but it nurtures only Smart Quorum platform in fact.

    As for https://ethlance.com/, https://www.xbtfreelancer.com/, https://coinality.com/ etc...
    We're not better, we are different. We are building a community around blockchain development, where COLLABORATIVE development and quality assurance is incentivized and valued. The websites you've mentioned are more like just freelance platforms. Our platform is a platform for collaborative blockchain development/audit - like github for blockchain.
    In our platform not only the developers, but the auditors also make contribution into the tasks and GET PAID for their essential comments.

    For more discussion please contact me in Telegram @david_kempston

  • Hey @David thanks for the response.

     Regardless of the semantics of token or cryptoasset or whatever you want to call it, I still do not see why you need to do this via that avenue? Why not go through traditional funding? Or even use your own existing capital? Or a take a loan? These are normal business practices. Why do you feel you need to gain money from the community, and have us stick our necks out, instead of you just gaining the money yourselves? And if the coin is just used for gaining money for development and marketing, what a TERRIBLE use case for investors. They give you money in exchange for a token that's true use is for crowd-sourcing money for the project.

    The reason I mentioned the nurturing of the blockchain development market is because you say "First POS coin to fuel blockchain market boom" And I was more meaning, what does this mean? 

    I guess I just do not see the real use for the asset, as it seems just a way for me to give you cash in exchange for promises. Can you give more uses for the asset Also in regards to your last comment, I prefer to keep things in an open and public setting for people using the platform to see the discussions going on.

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