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  • Nitrous
    Boosting the Masternode & Cryptocurrency Economy

    Nitrous is a PoS/ Masternode based cryptocurrency, but before we introduce our coin, it's important that we give you a little insight about our goal and why we are here.

    Before we discuss anything about Nitrous and why it started, let us first introduce ourselves, your two Nitrous devs/ founders, @NitrousDev#7584 (Discord) and @kingcrypto#2734 (Discord). Both of us are developers with over 25 years and 5 years of experience in IT & programming, respectively. 

    @NitrousDev specializes in internet technology and blockchain development. With his 25+ years of hardcore experience, he led the development team that is responsible for our unique Nitrous (N2O) blockchain. He is always working behind the scenes to ensure the chain is running properly and securely. While launching Nitrous, our development team has spent a significant amount of time going through extensive testing; breaking and restarting the chain until they couldn't break it any more. In another sense, our developers know every corner of our chain and how to configure things without breaking the chain. The goal is to give the community solid software that maintains the privacy, security, and stability of the blockchain at all times.

    @King Crypto specializes in app/ web development, graphic design, and marketing. Over the last three years, he's done heavy marketing and business consulting—  kickstarting many successful projects and startups. Thus far, he's been leading our marketing (includes design) and app (includes wallets)/ web development team, and he'll be representing Nitrous in all our up and coming business relations. He's also spent a respectable amount of time preparing all of our graphic designs, and ensuring that we have a Macintosh wallet ready and an Android wallet under development by launch time.

    We will be your leading team for Nitrous and promise to always drive this project towards the victory/ finish line. As a vow to how much we value our work and our work ethic, let's just say that your fellow Nitrous founders have spent over 30 hours perfecting the BTC Talk ANN thread alone.

    Let’s talk about Nitrous now.

    Our main purpose is to become the leading & FIRST cryptocurrency used in the aftermarket car parts, and eventually expand our reach to utilize Nitrous (N2O) in other ways (i.e. having race events accept payments in N2O). The aftermarket car parts business is $8 billion a year. We want to gain a small piece of that through partnerships with established manufacturers and distributors to accept Nitrous (N2O). We will approach that goal through an e-commerce site and mobile apps to aggregate that business— and eventually— be the go-to aggregate provider of aftermarket car parts. The whole infrastructure of such will be fueled by Nitrous (N2O). That business segment tends to be behind many others in technology, so it could be an easy, but meaningful step in streamlining B2C and B2B commerce.

    Used under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0.

    Not to mention, over $4B of online sales were made on mobile devices. Not only will using Nitrous (N2O) be safer and more secure, but it will speed up the process as our transactions between vendors and buyers are instant. For that reason, also, we are already progressing in our mobile wallets (iOS, Android) and are expecting release in the coming month.


    One of our goals is to create a PoS/ Masternode cryptocurrency that will not only be profitable for all those involved, but will sustain growth as coins are created to reward masternode and coin holders. Many cryptocurrencies fail within weeks, if not days, of their launch. The reason this happens is that in order to attract investors with a high published ROI, the rewards themselves must be unsustainable. The overall concept is called inflation. As with the fiat economy, more money put into the money supply can cause instability in the economy. High inflation is bad; however, inflation itself is not.

    Over the last weeks and months, we’ve carefully studied hundreds of cryptocurrencies to find the balance between high rewards and sustained value for Nitrous. After many calculations and deep analysis of the market, we’ve come up with a system that we think will accomplish both: high rewards and a stable currency. 

    In order to achieve that, we’ve implemented a few things that we believe to be the missing pieces to the difficult puzzle of cryptocurrency, especially masternode coins. First, we must have a purpose. Unlike most coins, our purpose is not to just create a coin. We want to do an experiment. We want to find out what happens when developers and the entire team involved with a cryptocurrency takes it seriously, deals honestly with its holders/ community, and is 100% committed to changing the masternode coin story. As our name implies, we have a specific goal in mind which we've explained above, but we'll share more plans and updates as our direction solidifies.

    First, we’ve implemented a rewards system that is lucrative to masternode and coin holders while keeping a lid on inflation. Nitrous Boost is our steadily increasing rewards system that we use to maintain or accelerate profitability of existing masternode owners as new masternodes come online. We want to reverse the downward profitability trend inherent in creating cryptocurrency (true of PoW, PoS, and masternode infrastructures). So as more masternodes come online with Nitrous, you will be seeing more rewards rather than less, and that’s even if the price doesn’t increase like we expect it will.

    Second, in an effort to fight inflation even more, we are implementing a monthly Nitrous Burn. On a predetermined schedule, the Nitrous team will periodically buy back coins from the open exchange at the initial price of the coin and burn them. That’s right, we will be investing in our own currency to increase your value by taking sell orders that are below our initial offering price off the market.

    Third, we’ve established a 60%/ 40% split on block rewards between masternode owners and stakers. Stakers are no less important than masternode owners. While masternodes basically run the network, stakers provide the security. And since there is less risk as a staker, there are a couple of benefits masternode owners get— masternode owners get a larger portion of the block reward. They also do not have to wait 12 hours for their coins to mature before they can generate more coins. Masternode coins are always eligible to mint new coins even immediately after they do so.

    Fourth, our roadmap is exciting. We plan on taking Nitrous where other currencies haven’t been. No one can reveal to you where that is yet, and we’re not going to make promises we can’t keep. You will only see facts from us, backed up by data. We’re not sending humans to Mars, and we’re not “changing everything”. Our first step is to create a viable cryptocurrency along with a strong community of our peers who will have a hand in shaping it for the future.

    Oh yes— we also securely and privately deliver instant transactions anywhere in the world. It’s what most cryptocurrencies call a "goal". For us, that’s what we call a good place to start. Cool

    [Discord] [Website] [Github] [Twitter] [Block Explorer]

    One-Click Masternode Setup

    [Coming Soon]

    BTC ANN Thread Translations

    [English] [Russian]

    Collateral: 2000 N2O Coins

    Masternode Monitoring/ Statistics

    Check back here within the week as we plan to list as soon as possible. Anyway, here's a "coming soon" button! We're listing on MNPro & MNO asap.

    [Coming Soon]

    Masternode VPS Setup Script

    [Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Script]

    [Macintosh] [Linux] [Windows 32 bit] [Windows 64 bit]

    There will be no need for addnodes in your configuration since the network was fully configured before launch.

    Our presale is very straight forward. We're not having any different phases. The price will never go up or change; it will always remain 0.4 BTC for 2000 N2O (one masternode). Therefore, as long as we're still in presale days, you will never miss out.



    Choose your jacket here: http://store.nascar.com/Jackets
    Fill out your free NASCAR jacket submission form: https://goo.gl/forms/fCa91QmeNFyuUu0b2
    Buy Presale MNs on Discord: https://discord.gg/ttsastR

    Launch Preparation

    ◙ Genesis Block (Complete)
    ◙ Block Explorer (Complete)
    ◙ Windows 32-bit Wallet Release (Complete)
    ◙ Windows 64-bit Wallet Release (Complete)
    ◙ Linux Wallet Release (Complete)
    ◙ Macintosh Wallet Release (Complete)
    ◙ Finish Easy-Masternode Setup Script (Complete)
    ◙ Temporary Website Launch (Complete)
    ◙ Discord Setup (Complete)
    ◙ Logo Design (Complete/ Ongoing)
    ◙ Graphic Design (Complete/ Ongoing)


    ◙ Crypto-Bridge (Planned)
    ◙ Cryptopia (Planned)

    Masternode Monitoring

    ◙ Masternodes.Online (Planned)
    ◙ Masternodes.Pro (Planned)
    ◙ Mnode.club (Planned)


    ◙ Official Website Launch (In Progress)
    ◙ Android Wallet (In Progress)
    ◙ Whitepaper (In Progress)
    ◙ iOS Wallet (Planned)


    ◙ Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/NitrousCoin
    ◙ Retweet this tweet: 
    ◙ Join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/6Cyjxaz 
    ◙ Paste your N2O address in the #registration channel on Discord (Discord, not here), along with your Discord ID and Twitter username.

    First 500 people ONLY!


    Think you have good marketing ideas? Sure, we believe in you too. Give us your suggestions and if we think they're applicable/ beneficial to the Nitrous community, we'll take your suggestion and reward you for it.


    Refer friends or family to purchase a masternode during presale and we'll have a reward waiting to join your N2O collection in your wallet. No limit to how many you can refer. They either need to mention you upon purchase or you need to show us proof.


    Calling all Steemit veterans or even starters! We're open to discussion about a bounty amount for Steemit writers to write about Nitrous (N2O) on a weekly basis. Message us on Discord (https://discord.gg/6Cyjxaz) or inquire below, as you wish.


    Calling all graphic designers/ artists! If you'd like to make any graphic/ sketch/ 3D variation of our own Nitro (below), feel free to do so and you will be rewarded! Our design team is always working and any contribution from our community is very welcome. Message us on Discord or comment below if you're interested.

    Thank you for taking the time to read.
    Welcome to our community and see you at the presale!

    Here's a thank you from our very own Nitro:

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