Opinions on Bulwark?

  • Hi people,

    I am researching on BWK and wanted your opinions about this project.

    What do you think about the team? The liquidity is really low, would you consider this a big problem.

    Coin distribution seems ok. This coin is at all time low price.

    Thanks for your answers.

  • I think a lot of people here consider Bulwark one of the more stable and strong investments. Good development team, Great community, Good ROI without being insane.

    The liquidity is somewhat low, but also bear in mind that this market in general has had a lot of liquidity stripped out of it, and Bulwark is still in the top 40 of MN coins for volume.

    There could be some concerns with regulation around privacy coins that you may want to think about. I think you should jump into the discord and ask the team questions directly. They are very active and responsive.

  • Same opinion, it seems to be a « safe » one if you look at the team and the work they are doing,discord pretty active and there is help if you have issue with the setup on the discord... price is really low right now, and they will change for PoS real soon.

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