(NZL) Zealium Coin Invite Bounty - Top prize 1 MN!

  • All you Crypto lovers, invite fanatics and anyone else reading...

    We're announcing our Zealium Invite Bounty

    1 NZL per invite with a minimum of 10 invites.

    1st Prize - 1 MN (4000 NZL) 2nd Prize - 1000 NZL 3rd Prize - 500 NZL

    • Cheaters will get disqualified.
    • For a more active community invitees need to achieve Level 2 ranking by the end of the bounty for the invite to count. Check in #bot-commands.
    • We're also planning something special to reward our most active and contributing members along the way.
    • Time frame is 1 month ending on July 15th.

    Keep it honest. See you on Discord and be on the lookout for more bonuses and surprises. Enjoy!