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    PAXEX coin is voting coin built for forums, bloggers and website owner. Create polls, voting on your website and have your users send PAXEX straight from their wallet on your website through our API and earn PAXEX coins.
    With a state of the art platform and admin panel, anyone can create polls, voting on their website without any programming experience.

    What problems is PAXEX solving?

    Polls and opinion polls, voting are done daily without the forum owner, blogger earning from it. Now PAXEX comes with the ability to earn money for anyone who has a passion for managing online forum, blogs etc.
    You can link your website to the PAXEX platform, create polls, voting etc on your website and your users can only participate by sending fix amount of PAXEX coins to vote. All earning goes straight to the admin.
    Perfect for large forums, election survey on website, sport voting. The possibilty is unlimited.[/center]

    Development Team
    We are currently 5 working on the PAXEX coin. We are active on discord and social media

    Coin Ticker: PAXEX
    Block Time: 2 min
    Masternode Collateral: 5000 PAXEX
    Total Supply: 100,000,000
    Premine: 1,500,000
    Staking Time: 24 hours[/center]

    Exchange Listing
    We are currently in advanced discussion with several exchanges and in the coming weeks will have an announcement to that effect





    The block rewards distribution as follows:
    80% Masternodes
    20% POS Rewards

    The core team is committed to the PAXEX Project and ensuring that its use case is successfully implemented and that all holders of PAXEX Coin are rewarded.